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How to Be Popular on Instagram Story?


Although there are various restrictions in the world every day, the time spent on the Internet is increasing. According to recent research, we spend an average of 5 hours on the Internet and an average of 3 hours on social media.

Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, which are the most used social media in the world, maintain their place respectively. The average age of those who use Instagram actively consists of the young population under the age of 35 with a rate of 90%.

More than 1/3 of Instagram users watch Story every day. The average time spent by users is stated as 28 minutes. With the automatic slide-forming feature of the Stories, users head towards Stories like watching TV instead of scrolling down for permanent posts. It is not only limited to this feature, but we have also compiled many features for you.

Most Popular Story Usage

  • Stories allow you to follow new products, services and events. For example, M.A.C Cosmetics use stories to promote their new products. While sharing, they prefer the face of influencers; because Influencers increase engagement and purchase more than a simple photo.
  • More than 50% of businesses on Instagram use Instagram stories, and 20% of these posts interact directly with users. For example, TURO provides direct interaction with its users by using stories to ask users to identify a specific car with a survey.
  • Most of the shopping pages catch the users through stories. Brands mostly promote their products, Influencer collaborations, live events, “How To?” videos are shared, fan-customer content, and contest stories.
  • Stories from the fitness, fashion, retail, technology, airline, automotive, travel, food & beverage industries stand out most in the stories.

Tips for Increasing Engagement in Story

Post regularly

At the beginning of the efforts to increase Instagram interaction, regularly posting on Instagram comes first. Having regular posts ensures that your followers constantly see content about you. In this way, you can stay in the minds of users. At this point, the question arises of how often you need to post.

This number will change depending on the work you do and your content production power. It is not right to share a few posts one day and then not to post any for a few days. For this reason, creating a content plan according to your content production power and sharing your content by planning helps you maintain continuity. Our guides below will provide you with more detailed information on this subject.

Emphasis on quality content production

Quality content production also plays an important role in increasing interactions on social networks. By including different types of content in your plans, learning about the interests of your followers and doing tests on this way, you can determine the content formats required for your account. Quality content is content that has been spent time and optimized according to the expectations of the target audience. Posting on topics that are not of interest to your followers or only sharing product photos with a plain background will reduce the interactions your posts will receive. It is important that you benefit from different types of content, as after a certain period of time, followers will get bored of such uniform product posts. You can get detailed information about what kind of content you can share from our guides below.

Choose the right posting time

Another important criterion for Instagram interaction-enhancing activities is to share during the time intervals when your followers are active. Although Instagram’s post display algorithm is not focused on sharing time, but on interaction, these posts appear on your followers’ timeline when you post in the time slots your followers are active in. In this way, you have the chance to get more interaction at the first time of sharing, and with this increase in your interaction rate, your post will start to appear higher on users’ timelines. You can find the ideal sharing times for you by observing which time intervals your followers are more active through the Instagram Statistics feature.

Communicate with your followers

One of the ways to increase engagement on Instagram is to stay in touch with your followers. You can also buy Instagram followers to support your Instagram account. You can make this communication by responding to their comments, as well as by asking them questions in your posts, allowing them to interact with the post. In addition to these, you can keep in regular contact with your followers by preparing surveys or question and answer content on Instagram Stories. Reinforcing this communication will also help you increase the feedback you get, as it will keep users in contact with you more.

Organize your Instagram captions well

You can treat Instagram captions as small and short blog posts. For this reason, the content you write in these description sections has value and you can direct users to interact.

You can ask questions in your description texts, ask users to tag their friends, and guide your followers to take a certain action by providing information about your post. You can read our guide below for more information on this subject.

Invest in influencer marketing efforts

You can also consider investing in influencer marketing efforts to increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences. Recently, these studies on Instagram have become very popular and many brands have started to cooperate with influencer accounts that produce content related to their own industries. At this point, you can invest in these marketing efforts and work to increase Instagram interaction.

Success Examples from Brands

  • Mercedes-Benz Cars UK gained 6M reach in the Instagram Story campaign they prepared in cooperation with Facebook Creative Shop, increasing 9 points in ad recall.
  • Enel (energy provider) increased brand awareness by using video ads on Instagram Story, which reduced CPC (cost per click) by 56%.
  • Using Instagram Story to promote Capsule, reach a wider audience and return the money spent on advertising, 409K people were reached and 83K video views were achieved in a three-second video.
  • By sharing fun, animated videos on their stories, McDonald’s Malaysia tripled its sales and reached 60% of their targeted millennial generation.

While the use of Instagram Story continues to increase in personal accounts, 88% of companies state that they want to increase these shares. In addition, 24% of businesses see story interaction as a measure of success. If the impact of stories continues to increase as in statistical data, we expect creative content to increase in this competitive environment. Otherwise, this advantage can turn into a disadvantage for all of us.

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