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How to Get More Followers on ‘Threads’ App?

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Do you want to get more followers on the Threads app? Are you familiar with the Threads app or not? Well, I do not know about you guys but I am getting tired and annoyed of this rebrand twitter has been getting ever since Elon Musk bought it. What once was a platform that offered legitimate news directly from credible sources in real time and offered genuine discourse of ideas across divides is now swamped with blue tick crybabies all over it. This blue tick might have made some minuscule contribution to its buyer’s pocket but cost the app its credibility and uniqueness of experience.

Seeing the shambles Twitter has been under recently is a perfect opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg to jump in and offer an app with a promise to some integrity, credibility and genuine discourse of ideas. Well, but considering Thread, is still a new baby in the pool of social media giants.

Twitter vs Threads

Threads by Meta:

Want to know what is Threads by Meta is? Why not hear it from and in the words of Mr. Zuckerberg announced Threads initial version as “Threads by meta, an app built by the same team behind Instagram meant for sharing with text. Threads offers real time updates and public conversations. The vision for thread is to offer what Instagram offers best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express ideas”. 100 million users joined the app in its first week.

Now that you have all this context and know what this newborn baby app is and how rapid it is growing. You might want to join it in its early growing stage and make a name for yourself on the platform. You have come to the right place, because the main focus of this blog is how you can get a large following on Threads. So, let’s get started;

Tips to Help you Grow your Following on Threads

You can grow your following on the Threads platform by following the tips given below:

Follow us on Threads

1. Share high-quality and engaging content

Make sure that the content you are sharing on the platform is visually appealing, valuable and resonates with a large audience but is unique, not bland. People tend to follow profiles which have their own unique character. This will build you a consistent following overtime.

2. Engage with Existing Users

Even though the app is still quite new make sure to engage with the exciting users to know where the app is headed. Engagement with users will build a sense of community.

3. Collaborate with Popular Creators on Threads

In this initial phase of the app, many people joining Threads are already popular creators on Instagram and other social media apps. Ultimately, they have a larger following. Interaction with popular creators in any form will give your profile exposure to their audience. Collaboration from popular creators will give you an immense follower boost.

4. Use Trending Topics and Hashtags

Share your opinion on the topics which are trending utilizing the hashtags so that your opinion is visible and favored by the algorithm. Use multiple hashtags relevant to what you are saying in a post to have more reach.

5. Share your “Threads” profile on other social media platforms

If you already have a big profile on other social media, share your thread profile there too. Make it seem like you would be more available and approachable on Threads. Announce it an engaging announcement like;

  • Catch you on the other side getting caught up in the Threads.
  • Now you can see your boy/girl spreading havoc on Threads too.
  • Excitedly experimenting and reveling in the new madness of Threads.
  • Don’t know whenever this platform may close so hit me up on Threads too.

6. Be consistent in your posting schedule

Make sure that you are consistent in your posting. Spend more time on the app and interact more often. Consistent day to day posting will generate interest from other people to visit your profile and having a lot of posts with similar and diverse subjects will increase the chances of people with same interests follow you, for your take on the newest things happening.

7. Stay Positive and Respectful

Keep a positive attitude and be respectful of other people’s opinion while interacting with them even if you disagree. No need to resort to foul language in any case. Be respectful of other people’s boundaries and privacy. Keep a positive outlook on things when sharing your opinion but don’t become one of those positively toxic cult accounts.

8. Respond to Comments, DMs, and Mentions

Easiest way to gain followers is to give equal importance and respect to every user interacting with you. Try to reply to as many comments as you can. If you receive DMs be sure to respond to them immediately, respectfully and wholeheartedly. If you are mentioned somewhere, don’t ignore it and respond to it. This will increase your interactions and develop a personal connection leading to formation of a community who will expose your profile to others thus resulting in mass followers. Nicki Minaj used the same tactics to gain followers while also building a community of devoted fans on Twitter.

9. Buy Followers

This would be the last step to build followers and probably the most unnatural way which might get your profile big. People do not follow you just because you have more followers but because of how you are using your platform but if the need arises you can buy followers from sites like SocialWick, SocialGreg, and Buzzoid among many others.


How do you grow followers on threads?

You can grow your followers by optimizing your profile. Your Profile will be optimized by sharing engaging content, responding to DMs, mentions and comments, posting consistently, using hashtags and trending topics, sharing your thread profile on other social media platforms.

Can you buy Threads followers?

Yes! you can, but it’s not a recommended strategy. You can try to increase your followers organically for long-term success.

Where to buy threads followers?

You can buy thread followers like from SocialWick, or Buzzoid, or from any other credibility source.

Wrapping Up

Thus, by following these strategies outlined above, you can not only grow your Threads following but also build meaningful relationships within the threads app. So, good luck and thanks for reading!

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