June 18, 2024

How to Obtain a Partner Visa for Australia?

Obtaining a visa for Australia is necessary if you want to live and work here. There are several things you should do to get one, first of all you should try to better understand how the Australian immigration system and all its visas work (prepare yourself a painkiller for headaches because you have to get lost in all details).

Maybe you can start from this same site, and then move on to other related blogs, but there is an essential step that you will have to do: take a tour of the border site. There you will find all the official and updated information because, even with all my efforts, it is difficult to keep up with the various and constant changes that the department implements.

The visa partner is a visa that has no age limit for the visa applicant and allows to obtain temporary or permanent residence.
In order to apply for a partner visa, the visa applicant must be married or in a de facto relationship with a:

Australian citizen:

Permanent resident of Australia:

A New Zealand citizen and able to meet the requirements imposed by the Australian Immigration Department

What is a Visa Partner:

Those with a partner visa will have the opportunity to live in Australia with their family, will have the right to be able to work full time and will be able to use the Australian health system.

A partner visa is granted to anyone who is married or in a de facto relationship, even if of the same sex, with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. Normally, even if there are exceptions foreseen by the Australian immigration laws, the visa partner is granted on a temporary basis and only afterwards can become a full permanent residence.

There are several categories of visa partners that change in case the couple:

Married and regularly married in a marriage recognized by Australian law
In a de facto relationship and able to meet the requirements imposed by law to be effectively recognized as a couple
With the intention of getting married by a certain date

How much time needed to get the Visa:

The current processing time for permanent partner visas (subclass 801) is between 12 and 18 months from the date of eligibility. This means that an applicant for a visa partner will wait:

  • 12 to 18 months before the temporary partner visa is granted (subclass 820).
  • Another 6-12 months before you can apply for a permanent partner visa (subclass 801).
  • Another 12-18 months before receiving the permanent partner visa (subclass 801).
  • Main reasons for refusal of the visa partner.
  • Lack of hard evidence proving a genuine and lasting relationship is the most common reason for partner visa denials. Applicants and their partner / spouse must provide evidence on four main aspects: financial, social, nature of the family, nature of the mutual commitment.

The lack of consistency with respect to the aforementioned issues affects the approval of visas for partners. Furthermore, not only the character and suitability of the applicant are checked, but the examination of the income, the state of residence / citizenship of the partner (sponsor) in Australia will be subject to further investigation. If a partner has previously sponsored another person for a partner visa or has already arrived on a partner visa, they may limit the current applicant’s ability to have approval.

If a partner visa is refused, there are two possible options, try to apply again or resort to the AAT. To apply for another partner visa, the applicant will have to leave Australia and apply for it from abroad. But if the visa that was presented from abroad has been refused, the applicant could return to Australia and apply for it again.

Why rely on an immigration agent to get a visa partner:

The Australian Immigration Department pays enormous attention to the evaluation of a partner visa for Australia. A visa partner grants the possibility to live and work in Australia without have a skilled profile in Australia. For this reason, in addition to demonstrating according to the legal criteria, the actual authenticity of the couple, it is necessary to establish which documents are to be produced to the immigration department and at what time.

Assistance for a partner-type visa by Australia Legal – Registered immigration agents is tailored to the individual case and tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of the couple who will apply for the visa.

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