June 20, 2024

How to Recover Corrupted Excel File in Windows 10— Instant Solution

SSD drive is the most popular and well known portable storage devices. In today’s arena, most people use SSD disks to store their crucial data such as photos, videos, multimedia, audio, documents, files, and folders from Windows 10. But in SSD drive stored data is always prone to damage or corruption to overcome this situation users can use the methods that I mentioned below.

At the end of this article, you will find answers to these queries on how to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10, how to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10. In this write up we will discuss the easiest method to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10. So let’s begin the process.

What Reason Behind SSD Drive Data Become Corrupted

SSD drive is used to store data. There can be multiple reasons make the SSD drive got corrupted and files and folders on the drive cannot be accessed. Improperly ejection of the SSD, it can lead to data corruption, the directory structure on the SSD drive can be the reason of the data corruption.

The common logical and physical corruption issues may make your SSD drive data corrupted. Some logical errors with the drive, you can easily fix it, repair the file structure and reuse the SSD drive.

Best and Trustworthy Solution to Recover Corrupted Excel File in Windows 10

Users can try manual methods to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10 but it is a tedious task for normal users. If users did any silly mistake they can be lost their files permanently. To make it simplify try SysTools SSD Data Recovery Software. It is the best and fastest solution to restore damaged, lost, deleted, corrupted, permanently deleted, virus-infected, and formatted data from SSD drive Windows 10. This tool is capable to restore images, docs, personal and professional documents files, multimedia, etc.

It provides two modes of data recovery options i.e. Scan and Formatted Scan. To maintain the integrity of Computer data recovery software. Novice users can also use this application without facing any issues. This utility provides a completely safe, secure, and instant solution to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10.

Step by Step Procedure to Recover Corrupted Excel File in Windows 10

Firstly download and install the SSD drive data recovery software on your PC. After that follow these steps to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10 or any other version of Windows.

  1. After installing the Application the home will display a connected SSD drive.
  2. Now select the Scan option to recover corrupted excel files in Windows 10
  3. The tool will list all restored folders into the left panel of the application and highlight the folders which contain data
  4. Finally you can save your recovered data at your desired destination

Once the procedure is completed successfully, you receive a completion message on your computer screen. Check the selected destination to verify the recovered data files from hard drive.

What is Unique in This Utility to Recover Corrupted Excel File in Windows 10

This SSD drive recovery tool is the most recommended utility to restore corrupted excel files in Windows 10. It gives various benefits and features to accomplish this task in a simple way. The top features are mentioned below.

  • Recover Deleted Data:- This software is able to recover normal deleted, shift deleted, and corrupted data from SSD drive, computer instantly without any data loss.
  • Recover formatted Data:- It has the capability to recover formatted data from computer. It can recovers all data such as photos, audio, videos so on.
  • Compatible With Windows:- This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows. Users can run this utility any version of Windows like Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and all below versions.
  • Supports all file Formats: – This software supports recovering all file formats like Doc, Docx, excel, pdf, ppt, pptx, etc. And also supports all formats of videos.
  • Recover Unlimited Data: – This utility is able to recover unlimited data from SSD disk without showing any error message and file size limitation.
  • Recover Data from FAT and NTFS:- This utility is designed in a manner that it can recover exFAT, FAT (16, 32), and NTFS file systems.

Summing Up

In this write-up, we have covered the simplest mode to corrupt excel files in Windows 10. By using reliable and specialized software. This tool takes only a few minutes to restore lost data from the SSD disk. You can also try the demo version of the tool to preview your lost data and also test how the software works. If you are satisfied, then, purchase the utility to recover unlimited data from a computer or laptop.

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