Important Facts to Know Before Considering Infertility Treatment for Parenthood

Cases of infertility problems are now increasing. The situation turns alarming when due to lack of proper knowledge about infertility treatment many couples’ remain deprived of having their biological child. But with the progress in the field of medical science IVF and other infertility treatment emerged as a ray of hope for many such couples.  The IVF procedure cost in India is also very reasonable and within the budget of people when compared to other countries offering such treatments.  There are certain myths which are prevailing in the industry that actually misguide couples and keep them away from enjoying parenthood with technology support. Some of those myths include:


  • Infertility is a problem restricted to women: This is completely wrong information as infertility problems can happen both to men and women. 1/3rd of infertile couples suffer due to male infertility, another 1/3rd suffers due to female infertility and the rest 1/3rd suffer because of joint infertility problem. IVF clinics in Mumbai treat couples who fall under any of the above 3 categories.
  • A man who ejaculates naturally is fertile: Healthy erectile penetration or normal ejaculation is not proof of fertility in men. In spite of having normal ejaculation, he may suffer from infertility due to low sperm count, the improper shape of sperm or irregular or slow movement of sperms. It’s true that erectile dysfunction can be a reason for infertility but normal erection is not a guarantee of male fertility.
  • Infertility problems mean no hope of getting pregnant: Such type of myth is very common to hear and is complete nonsense. There is a fine line between infertility and sterility and one need to understand that. There are many reasons which lead to infertility and can be treated with or without medications under expert’s guidance. Sterility cases can be the one where the man is suffering because of zero sperm count or a woman is having blocked fallopian tubes. Seek medical expert’s assistance to know your case type and possibilities of getting pregnant.

The above 3 are common infertility myth which we get to hear. Take help of technology to taste the flavor of parenthood if you fail to get pregnant on your own.

Kaushal Kadam

Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam, is the Medical Director of Corion Fertility Clinic. Having been in the field of Assisted Reproduction for the past fifteen years, Dr. Kadam has a number of pregnancies to her credit. She is known for her expertise in this field as well as for her skill in performing good embryo transfers. Official Website -

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