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Make yourself and your dog visible to others


The days are getting shorter and shorter and when we walk our dog before and after work, deer head chihuahua terrier mix it is often already gloomy or even really dark. When fog and rain are added, we become almost completely invisible to car and bicycle drivers. That is not supposed to be the case.

There is no question that we and our dogs are exposed to great risk, but this is also not without danger for motorists, cyclists, and other road users. A fact that we are often not even aware of.

More than just visibility

Let’s put ourselves in the position of a car driver. If you’ve ever driven a car in the dark and in bad weather, then you probably know how much concentration it takes. Because the risk of recognizing a pedestrian or a dog much too late or even completely overlooking it is much greater and carries danger for everyone involved. Also, the driver, who tears the steering wheel around in terror at the last moment to avoid an accident and gets into a spin on the wet road. Or for the scooter rider or cyclist to whom this happens.

As dog owners, we have just as much of a responsibility here as the driver, who has to adapt his speed to the conditions. Therefore, make sure that you and your dog are clearly visible at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. Other road users will be grateful if they can see you well from afar. And you and your dog? Clearly visible, you can go for a walk much more calmly, because your risk is significantly reduced. For everyone, life becomes much more pleasant.

This is exactly what the Danish manufacturer Orbiloc, whose Dog Dual dog lights can also be found in our range, is currently drawing attention to. In 2020, a record many puppies have found a new home, not all of which are equipped for the dark season. This should change in 2021.

About Orbiloc and the Orbiloc Dog Light

Despite the fact that Orbiloc produces safety lights, the Danish manufacturer’s campaign is about more than just visibility. After almost the entire year 2020 and large parts of 2021 were marked by the corona pandemic, many people have the natural urge to get back among people.

This is especially true for many Orbiloc users, who are often very active with their dogs and participate in puppy training, SAR activities and much more together with others. nicetoseeyou is therefore also a greeting from Orbiloc and a request to pass on the joy of reunion to your loved ones.

Orbiloc has been producing safety lights for humans and dogs since 2009. What is unique about this is that the small lights are developed and even produced in Denmark – not in Asia. This allows Orbiloc to promise you really great quality.

The lights were originally developed for the military and later gradually adapted to the needs of dog owners. The result was the Orbiloc Dog Dual Dog Light. What has not changed, however, is the high quality and resistance of the lights, which are made for everyone fun in autumn and winter.

Main specifications of the lights:

Up to 5 km visibility

100% waterproof

100 kg loadable

Flashing light and continuous light mode

Battery life 100 to 250 hours (depending on mode)

3 years manufacturer’s warranty (registration on

Made in Denmark

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