Why is Changing Your Sheets Important?

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We spend almost 56 hrs in our beds in a week.  That’s the required time for our body to get rest after long hectic days. A week is a long period so there is also ample dirt, sweat, and germs on bed sheets and bedding.

For the wellness of our body, it is most important to have an adequate hygiene routine in all aspects of life and when the matter is about changing bed sheets it is perhaps more important than you think.  If you use dirty linen sheets for a long time, they can result in skin infections, allergies, skin rashes, asthma problems and much more than you think.  If you really want a healthy and a good sleep then it’s very important to keep your room and especially your bed linen neat and clean.

But most of us don’t know how often we should change the bedsheets?

We must change all the bedding once per week. But if you rarely use your bed or don’t sleep on it then you can change it in a maximum of 10 days. Most people prefer to change their bed linen once a week. If you have small babies or pets at home and you allow them to sleep on your bed, then it is very necessary to change the bedsheets every third or fourth day or if you see the sheets dirty. If you have any patients in your home then it may need frequent changing of beddings.

As compared to winters, in summer you have to change and wash your bed sheets more frequently because we sweat and smell a lot during summer. Likewise, if you are suffering from any skin disease or allergies in spring, then dermatologists too recommend changing the bed covers often at the interval of 4 to 5 days. This action of yours might give you quick relief.

Negative Impact Of Not Changing Bed Sheets

There are so many negative impacts on our health if we don’t pay attention to our body’s wellness. There are lots of people who don’t even change their beddings in a month. Just imagine how much dust, dirt, dandruff shells, pet furs, baby’s pee smell, sweat smell, and leftovers of foods will be there. All these factors can work as health hazards for us as they can cause various skin infections and allergies. When we spend most of our lifetimes in beds then they must be neat and clean.

Importance Of Changing Beddings At Regular Interval

Cleaning and changing bed linen looks like a hard task but there are so many consequences of changing the bed covers at regular intervals. Let’s have a look at some significance.

  1. Dirt: Regular change of beddings reduce the dirt that helps in maintaining good health.
  1. Dead Cells: By regular changing of bedsheets, we can remove the dead cells from our beds which also reduces the threat of getting infections.
  1. Sweat: We all sweat a lot in summer. So regular changing of beddings helps us to stay away from weird sweat smells.
  1. Dust Mites: We all know that our skin sheds millions of dead cells every day that stick to our bed sheets and they multiply with time. So it is very necessary to change beddings regularly in order to stay safe from skin infections and eczema.
  1. Pet Furs: If you have pets and you allow them to sleep in your beds then it becomes even more important to change the bedding at regular intervals because these furs may have bugs and mites inside them.

Many of us are friendly to our sweat and dirt for a particular time, but it may irritate others. We have lots of dust mites as these creatures are microscopic that are very common during summer and can lead to irritation and skin rashes. Even if you don’t get infected you will not prefer to have thousands of dust mites in your beds. So regular change helps you in getting a relieved sleep. Washing and changing the bed sheets regularly within one week works well.

Cleaning The Bed Sheets

Till now you are sure to clean and wash the bedsheets at regular intervals. But now the question arises how to wash the bedsheets?

Here is the answer to your question:

  1. Always follow the washing instructions first printed on the labels before buying the bedsheet online.
  2. Wash all the linen sheets with warm water but it should not be too hot.
  3. Use gentle detergents on bedsheets.
  4. Let the sheet dry in the sun for a while to kill the germs.

That’s how you can make your beds clean and fresh every week and put the dirty sheets in the washing machine when needed.

That’s all for you all. Follow the guidelines to keep yourself healthy and fit. Bed sheets with unique designs and fabrics need extra care and a hand washing process.

Additionally, changing and washing your bedsheets at regular intervals extends the lifespan of your bedsheets and gives you quality sleep and good health. To get the sleep, buy a bedsheet online from and feel the difference.

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