Moving Your Business to a Bigger Office Space – Kuwait Edition

Do you need a bigger space for your business? It is growing, you have more employees and more office supplies. Your cozy and cute small office space is not enough anymore? Then, it is time for moving your business to a bigger office space and bring it to another level.

If you want to move your business to Kuwait, or you are already in Kuwait, but you need a different kind of office space, you need some tips to make your relocation easier and not to stop working. Losing productivity when moving is not recommended, of course.

Tips for moving your business to a bigger office space in Kuwait

Can you move a business without losing productivity? How to move a business to Kuwait? Where to start, what to do? Having a guide may help you relocate your business successfully. Organize office relocation with ease.

In Kuwait you can find a lot of offices, bigger or smaller, you just need to search

Choose a location

First, you should choose a new location in Kuwait for a business. How big office do you need? If your business is growing, then you should consider renting/buying a bigger space, maybe 2 floors (depending on the size of your business).

Kuwait City is a Mecca of startups and a lot of companies are located here. It has many business buildings you can choose from.

If your business is not in Kuwait currently and it will be an overseas relocation, then hire someone (a local real estate agent) to do research for you.

Gather a team – plan everything in advance

Relocating business to another office takes a lot of time and good organization. It is not a job for only one person because there are so many tasks to do before and after moving too.

When you are moving your business to bigger office space, gather a team of people you trust and plan every step, in advance together.

Share jobs, who will notify people about moving, who will look for a moving company, who will take care of construction work in a new office, etc. Right after making a decision to move, start preparing.

Moving a business requires a lot of work that’s why you need a group of people to help you

Hiring a moving company for office relocation

Moving from a small office space to a bigger one has a lot of labor. That’s why you need the right assistance for the relocation of your HQ. If you are moving all the office equipment, furniture, other supplies, you need someone to pack and transport everything. Safely and fast.

  • Kuwait has a lot of moving companies that can move an office, but before you hire one, check their license, insurance, and experience.
  • Get recommendations from other businesses that moved recently.
  • When moving your business to bigger office space, make sure all the important documents are safe and moved properly. Talk to the company’s representatives and ask them all the moving-related questions.

Packing tips for moving an office

How will you pack your office?

If you will pack an office without professional packers, the first thing to do is finding the right boxes for your needs. Keep in mind that the temperatures are very high, especially if you are moving during summer months, so you need to protect electronics and other sensitive items. All the moving boxes should be labeled so you will unpack faster.

Use this opportunity to get rid of all the items you don’t need, or damaged and broken items. You are moving to bigger office space, so you will need to buy new furniture, but protect the old furniture too.

The second solution is to hire professional packers and they will have moving boxes, so you don’t need to take care of that. They will handle junk and pack and move fast and efficient.

Notify customers you are moving

You must notify all your customers and suppliers that you are changing a business location. Post it online (on your website and social media) and call all the suppliers.

Update the info on your visit cards and documents. The last thing you need right now is to lose clients and to lose productivity.

Starting a business in Kuwait – small business opportunities

If you want to start a small business in Kuwait, research the market and the competition. Investing your money in business is a big step. Some of the ideas for starting a business you should consider if you want to start something new are:

  • Stock brokerage company – because Kuwait has one of the largest stock markets in The Gulf.
  • HR firm – many expats are working in Kuwait, more than Kuwaiti people. If your HR company is growing, you should be moving your business to a bigger office space.
  • Gas refill station – it is easy in Kuwait to have a gas refill station, you can do home delivery too.
  • Car wash – you can hire and train people to wash a car and find a good location.
  • Real estate company – more and more people are coming to Kuwait, so you can use that opportunity to sell homes.
  • Business consultancy – many brands are coming here in Kuwait to move or start a business. So, you can consult you about their business.
If you want to start a business in Kuwait, first create a business plan and idea


After you open a business, if it is successful, the time will come for moving your business to a bigger office space. Start early with planning and do not everything by yourself, ask for help. You should balance between moving and not losing productivity. A team of people you trust will make a good business plan, together with you. Good luck with business relocation in Kuwait and with finding a bigger office space there

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