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5 Things To Know About Pakistani Clothes

When we talk about Pakistani Clothes; reference is been made to the type of clothes that are worn by the people of Pakistan or the clothes that are associated with Pakistani origin. The region is rich in fashion culture and there are lots to be learned concerning the fashion industry in this country.

What you are about reading is a technical journey into the culture of clothing in Pakistan as it is represented in the year 2021. What are the traditions that make the waves in the fashion industry in Pakistan? You are going to get answers to every question that relates to the clothing industry in Pakistan. You are about reading five of the most important things that have to do with Pakistani clothes.

  1. The national dress

The national dress in Pakistan is Shalwar Kameez. The tradition of this dress is as old as Pakistan itself. It is a popular dress among both sexes. The popularity of this national dress is because both sexes are comfortable in the fabric and it gives them free movement. Aside from this, it is available anywhere you go but offline and online. The fact that the unit price is affordable takes the popularity of the brand to the rooftops.

  1. Regional Clothing

Aside from the national clothing in Pakistan, there is also regional clothing that serves as a means of identity to every section in Pakistan. Mention can be made of the following regional clothing that holds the ace in Pakistan today:

  • BalochistanSindh
  • Punjab
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Azad Kashmir 

The five mentioned above represents all that is included in regional clothing in Pakistan. They come in their styles and people from the region cherish the styles and they are proud to adorn these regional attires.

  1. Dupatta

Women’s fashion is very prominent in Pakistan. One of them is the Dupatta. The women in Pakistan wear this outfit as an accessory to their clothes in the fashion of today. It is very common to find ladies hanging this fashion around their neck or leave it hanging loosely around the shoulder. This dress sense serves several purposes in the fashion sense of women in Pakistan.

  1. Religious clothing

The Pakistani Clothes that will best suit the appearance of women in religious gatherings must do one thing – provide cover for the body of the woman. Before any Pakistani woman steps out of her women for any religious worship; they must appear in outfits that leaves only the hands and face bare. All other parts of the body must be covered.

Religious women wear burqa; scarf complimented with long full and half sleeve shirts. For the religious Pakistani man; the outfit is a long tunic.

  1. Wedding dresses

It will be unfair to conclude the series onPakistani Clothes without talking about what they wear for wedding ceremonies. This is a special day that is taken in high esteem by the locals and they appear in their trendiest best. We talked about regional dresses earlier; the style of the wedding dress is based on the region the wedding is taking place.

It is a different ball game if the wedding is to be celebrated in the urban centers in the city. Simply take a look at the options that are worn based on the region in which the wedding is to take place and you are good to go!


All the technical details that you need to know about Pakistani Clothes have been given above. There is diversity in the type of clothes worn in the region. When you go through what is written above; you are going to fit into the dress sense in Pakistan.

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