Reasons to Pursue a Master of Arts Degree

Reasons to Pursue a masters of arts degree

Employers in a competitive job market could prefer candidates with advanced degrees over those with lower-level degrees and comparable experience. As a result, obtaining specialized knowledge with the aid of a master’s degree will enable you to develop your career. Gaining a master’s degree might also demonstrate to potential employers that you have the commitment and work ethic necessary to succeed in a position. In this blog, we will explore what a master of Arts degree is, discuss its common elements and review the top reasons for pursuing it.

Table of Contents:

  1. About Master’s in Arts
  2. Motives for Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree
  3. Prominent Job Opportunities
  4. MA specializations offered by the Mansarovar Global University
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

About Master’s in Arts

A master’s in arts is a postgraduate degree of two years that is granted to students who complete an integrated program of study in humanities and social science topics. Based on the discipline a student chooses for their MA program, different subjects are covered. In addition, there are minor differences in the curriculum from one college to the other.

To become eligible, candidates generally need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • They must complete a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Arts with a minimum duration of 3 or 4 years. The undergraduate degree must have been awarded by one, which is approved by India’s UGC (University Grants Commission).
  • A graduate-level aggregate percentage of at least 50% to 55% is required.
  • Applicants for three-year degree programs must pass all topics from the first to the fourth semester of their papers, while candidates for four-year degree programs must have achieved passing marks in all areas from the first to the sixth semester.

Motives for Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree

Check out the following facts to comprehend the important reasons for studying in an MA program:

  • Career Advancement: An MA degree is frequently chosen by people to assist develop their professions. If you want to advance your career or take on a leadership or management role, a master’s degree may act as a means to set yourself apart from other candidates. Several firms reportedly boosted their educational requirements between 2016- 2021, recruiting people with master’s degrees for jobs that had previously been filled by people with bachelor’s degrees. Overall, earning a Master of Arts degree can significantly affect your pay structure as those with master’s degrees typically make 20% more than those with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Enhanced Skills: A Master of Arts degree gives students the chance to develop their soft skills, which are now highly valued by employers, in addition to their purely technical skills. Your ability to research, think logically, and do critical analysis would be enhanced by earning postgraduate degrees from the MA colleges in Bhopal. As a result, you will become more naturally adept at problem-solving, writing and oral expression, communication, and presentation skills—all of which are virtually invariably featured in job advertisements.
  • Improved Teaching Strategies: Collaboration, contact, and mentoring between students and teachers are crucial components of an MA degree program. It places more emphasis on the practical and social applications and uses of ideas and methodologies, and completion of this degree makes you eligible for Ph.D. or M.Phil programs.
  • Better Knowledge: You may want to increase your knowledge in a certain area not because you want a work promotion but rather because you want to get a better job done. Compared to when you first started working in your field or received your bachelor’s degree, you might learn about new technologies or working practices. With a degree from the MA colleges in Bhopal, you might be able to contribute more to your work or perhaps work as a consultant using your knowledge and skills
  • Inspiration For Innovation: Knowledgeable, well-read, busy, curious minds that know where to go for inspiration are the seeds of innovation. The most significant benefit of pursuing a Master of Arts degree is its interdisciplinary nature, which enables you to engage with a variety of disciplines, and challenges while learning how to draw links between them and draw out whatever is pertinent in pressing situations.

Prominent Job Opportunities

Here are some of the job options you can think of after completing a degree from one of the MA colleges in Bhopal:

  • Administrative Officer: An administrative officer organizes the company’s records, handles office supplies, and creates reports on spending and the office budget.
  • Journalist: As a journalist, you will be expected to cover a variety of topics, including politics, sports, crime, entertainment, and education. A journalist must conduct thorough research, write objectively, and ethically present the news.
  • Social Worker: A social worker is required to recognize the issues that people are facing and then assist them in resolving them. Attaining a degree in this field from one of the MA colleges in Bhopal can better equip you with the role.
  • Counselor: In this job profile, one must interact with people who are having personal or professional troubles and assist them in resolving their issues so they may go on to make the necessary changes in their lives.

As the best private university in Bhopal, Mansarovar Global University offers top-notch MA programs, which are intended to help students deepen and widen their understanding of theoretical as well as methodologies for the investigation of social processes, structures, and phenomena. Moreover, it provides comprehensive training in methodology.

MA specializations offered by the Mansarovar Global University

The University is widely recognized as the best university in Madhya Pradesh because of its enhanced MA programs in the following subjects:

  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • History
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Home Science
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Rural Development
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Rural Science
  • Psychology
  • Physical Education

Visit its official website to check out more details.


To sum up, a Master of Arts degree can help you advance in your field, hone your abilities, and prepare you to learn new things continuously. It might also be beneficial if you’re thinking about a career in journalism, human services, education, etc. You might even grow personally and learn skills that will last a lifetime, including critical thinking and problem-solving, outside of your profession.


What are the skill sets required for an MA course?

As a master’s degree asks for lengthy research, it requires more resolve and fortitude than a bachelor’s degree. Hence, as an MA aspirant, you should have a variety of skills, including intellectual curiosity, analytical thinking, interpersonal skills, the capacity to function under pressure, and be goal-oriented.

Are candidates with different specializations in their Bachelor’s degree eligible for an MA in Psychology?

If a student wants to pursue an MA in Psychology in such circumstances, they should have had psychology as a minor in their Bachelor of Arts (BA). However, choosing a Master’s degree program with comparable study options is typically advised.

What do you understand about an Integrated MA?

A curriculum that combines a Master’s program with a Bachelor’s program is known as an integrated course. The average length of the course is five years. Instead of pursuing two distinct degrees, a student will enroll in one longer program. While many integrated Master’s programs only provide advanced degrees, in some cases this necessitates getting two distinct certifications.

What is an MA in Public Administration all about?

In the curriculum of MA in Public Administration, students are introduced to the social-political issues at the heart of the nation’s public administration, and applicants gain knowledge of the workings of government and its agencies as well as administrative abilities through this degree program.

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