June 17, 2024
Reasons Why Fixing Your Teeth Can Improve Your Overall Health

5 Reasons Why Fixing Your Teeth Can Improve Your Overall Health

Improper teeth alignment can significantly affect general health. Therefore, receiving a professional teeth straightening can immensely change your look and improve your dental health.

With an improved smile, you are safe from foul smells, bacterial infections, and other health risks. This article intends to inform you of the top five health reasons why you should fix your teeth.

1. Ensures Healthy Digestion

The first digestion of food takes place in the mouth. At the mouth, teeth play a significant role in breaking down food into pieces for easy swallowing. Besides that, with the coordination of the tongue, teeth help mix the food with saliva to commence the digestion process.

The chemical digestion in the mouth can be complete with the proper mixing of food and saliva. This implies that having poorly aligned teeth denies you the chance to properly break down food and mix them properly for digestion to start. Instead, you wolf down hard food leaving your stomach with the task of digesting hardly grounded food substances.

Failure to properly mix food with saliva in your mouth due to misaligned teeth disallows the first digestion in your mouth. Consequently, your body misses essential nutrients necessary for your overall health. Therefore, fixing your teeth is as important as a way of keeping a healthy life.

2. Prevents Periodontitis and Associated Illnesses

Misaligned teeth create spaces between your gums and dentures. These spaces usually act as collecting points for food particles. Soon enough, your gum starts experiencing bacterial infections due to the accumulation of food particles (breeding zone for bacteria). The impact can be severe, attracting several illnesses such as plague, tooth cavities, and decay.

Tooth-related infections can damage your gums and teeth. In addition, bacterial infections attract a terrible smell in your mouth. Ideally, all these conditions, in one way or the other, temper your general health system.

Realigning your teeth through Invisalign will save you from awful mouth smells while simultaneously easing the process of brushing your teeth. Clean and healthy teeth prevent the occurrence or resurgence of periodontitis and any other oral-related illnesses.

3. Reduces Wear and Tear

Poorly aligned teeth can easily cause breaks and cracks within them. The disarrangements within your teeth lead to stress between your upper and lower jaw. Over time, the discomfort worsens as the teeth on both jaws grind against each other, causing wear and tear to your tooth enamel.

Reach out to an orthodontist for realignment options. You may choose to go for braces or Invisalign correction methods and have your teeth properly and safely positioned to avoid further breaks. It will help if you seek advice from an orthodontist on the Invisalign cost or the cost of traditional braces before committing to other treatments.

4. Relieves TMJ Symptoms

Having crooked teeth can subject you to Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders. With improperly aligned teeth, your jaws and gums get more stress which can easily cause swollen jaws and pain.

Consequently, this condition can cause difficulty while chewing food or speaking due to recurring facial pains. Other TMJ symptoms include pain at the temporomandibular joints, aching pain within your ear’s surroundings, and difficulties opening your mouth due to locked joints.

The proper and long-lasting solution to TMJ pains is the realignment of your teeth. The realignment will bring order to your teeth, reducing stress between your jaws and gums and ultimately gaining comfort.

5. Relieves Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Snoring, teeth grinding, and insomnia are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Apnea conditions are associated with gaps at the back of your throat, allowing the muscles a vast space for relaxing. This excess relaxation of the muscles narrows the airway, thus hindering proper breathing. Difficulties in breathing can make you snore.

Additionally, crooked teeth can lead to teeth grinding, mostly at night. The good news is that if proper teeth fixing is carried out through braces and Invisalign, teeth grinding and other orthodontics-related apnea symptoms are resolved quickly and effectively.


Generally, your general health depends on many factors within your body. The relationship between your dental and overall health is interlinked and interdependent. Teeth alignment plays a significant role in ensuring your dental health is in perfect condition.

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