Reasons Why Offline Marketing is Strong Tool in Healthcare

Technology has revolutionized the very way human beings lead their lives. It made life simple in many ways that our previous generation could not even have imagined their wildest dreams and still continuing to impress us. On the way to its glory, it has touched millions of lives and their professions, including the marketers.

After witnessing the tremendous possibilities technology has unveiled, marketers too thought ‘why not?’ and started striding towards the digital revolution. And, digitization, which is the brainchild of technology, has not surprised them in any way. The traditional marketing channels started drying up and a few offline channels have already vanished in the pages history.

Discussing the traditional marketing, offline marketing in simple terms, would become a separate topic and for now let’s stick with the script and focus on how you can still leverage offline marketing and yield results, especially in industries such as healthcare.

Healthcare marketing is always perceived as one of the most barren grounds to build marketing campaigns but that’s what makes it challenging and interesting. Healthcare, most of the time, does not give marketers to tread the new paths and play around, at least as much as they play in the other sectors.

This is what makes it a close aide to the traditional and offline marketing activities. Continue reading the blog as we explore how exactly hospitals and healthcare facilities can leverage the offline marketing tactics to get their marketing goals fulfilled.

What Makes Offline Marketing So Strong?

Social media and all is great but have you tried offline marketing? Let’s get to the basics before understanding what makes offline marketing so strong even today.

The basic principle of marketing is that market where your prospects are and this is the era where people are more involved in social media than the social life. Obviously people lean to social media as it has a strong people base.

But sit back and think about one social media advertisement you remember the most? It’s relatively hard right? But will you forget that writing festival organized by a publishing house and you met your current best friend?

This is what makes offline marketing so strong. It focuses on building relationships while the online healthcare marketing channels help in creating better awareness. Each has its own advantages!

Offline Marketing Activities that Work Today, Tomorrow and Always –

Few things in life will never fade away and it would be offline marketing channels in the context of a marketer, especially, a healthcare marketer’s life. Continue reading the best offline marketing activities that work for hospitals even today.

Before that, healthcare marketing deals with ethics and morals, and a perfect healthcare campaign strengthens the bond between an individual and health. Here are the ways hospitals could create awareness on both their brand and on public health.

  1. Books and Print Publications –

  • Publishing research papers and articles in the daily newspapers and magazines is probably the best tactic out there for healthcare marketers to follow.

  • Information in books and other publications is always deemed to be reliable and it is in most cases.

  • Publication of health information not just increases awareness but helps the healthcare facility grow as a brand.

  • Press releases about the rare surgeries that took place in your hospital and patient testimonials work almost every time.

  1. Direct Mails and Messages –

  • Direct mails in healthcare could be called as one of the most innovative market tactics out there.

  • Sending a greeting card or a letter that inquires about the health of a discharged patient brings abundant joy in the face of the patient and his/her family members.

  • Wishing them on their birthdays and special days is also a great way to express that your hospital cares for them genuinely.

  1. Interviews on Health by Surgeons and Consultants –

  • As much as our quality of life is improving everyday, almost every year there is a new calamity that is hovering like a dark cloud on public health.

  • Healthcare practitioners and facilities can increase awareness on these calamities by featuring in interviews.

  • Publishing houses such as newspapers and healthcare magazines would be on a constant lookout for specialists to give their insights.

  • Hospitals can leverage this on a moral stand-point of view and play their part in increasing awareness.

  1. Conducting Healthcare Awareness Camps –

  • One sure way that not only gives tremendous scope for the public to listen about a particular condition from various specialists.

  • Organize monthly or yearly awareness sessions at your healthcare facility and invite the prominent names in the specialty.

  • As the event gets popular, hospitals would even receive sponsorships from media and publishing houses that promote your event.

  • Healthcare awareness camps may take time to get visibility and churn but once the initial stage is set, the hospital brand is all set to become the torch bearer.

  1. Networking Events Organized by Governments –

  • Public wellness is something that is considered as the most immediate elements that all governments look forward to address.

  • Organize and invite public officials to these kind of events every now and then or attend these sessions.

  • Again as a healthcare provider, ensure your marketing efforts maintain integrity of healthcare as a profession.

  1. Referral Schemes and Collaborations –

  • This is one offline activity that almost all healthcare facilities employ. Do a fair bit of research before the referral or collaboration.

  • The collaborative efforts and benefits should be mutual and foresee a long term relationship.

  • Many factors influence a partnership, especially the partnerships between parties that are in the same industry.

  • Calculative approach never fails when it comes to collaboration between two organizations.

Even though digital transformation took over the marketing fraternity and changed the facet of it, there is still scope for offline marketing activities such as networking, public speaking, organizing events, meetings, tradeshows and for associations.

Each of this marketing channel is as powerful as the other and all it takes is creating a campaign or concept that knows the pulse of your target audience. As a healthcare marketer, take advantage of all these channels but ensure each campaign maintains the perfect balance of integrity and sincerity in your efforts.

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