June 25, 2024
Whatsapp Vs telegram

8 Reasons Why Telegram Is Now Better Than Whatsapp

The instant messaging app WhatsApp was one of the first to reach mobile platforms, positioning itself in the market as the undisputed leader. But from the beginning it had big problems that many users have not seen or did not want to avoid. Other alternatives, such as Telegram, have begun to gain popularity and position themselves very well, although they do not reach WhatsApp quotas.

Lately, WhatsApp has had serious security problems and a lack of updates that many users have not liked. With everything that happened during the pandemic , although users have not abandoned WhatsApp permanently, it is true that Telegram has had a considerable increase in users who were looking for less control and / or a way to escape the hoaxes.

8 Reasons why Telegram is now better than WhatsApp

It does not have Facebook behind

WhatsApp was a company that used the data of its users to make money from the beginning. You only had to read the terms of your license and agreement.

But it became even more opaque when it was bought by Facebook . Now it is owned by the company that has starred in the most media scandals when it comes to privacy and the use of user data

Therefore, even if there was only that single reason to discard WhatsApp, as your main instant messaging app, it would be more than enough to use Telegram . Your privacy and your data should be important, and not leave it in the hands of just anyone. Even less when they are used for campaigns or to earn huge amounts of money selling them to third parties.

Mass broadcasting

WhatsApp has imposed some limitations on its users to stop the massive and simultaneous sending of forwarded messages. That, according to its developers, serves to prevent the spread of fake news and hoaxes, but it turns out that the WhatsApp platform is the queen in terms of spreading lies.

In Telegram you can have greater freedom to share any content and do it with multiple users, groups and channels. In this way, a better diffusion of news is allowed, call for diffusions, etc.

And the paradox is that, despite that, hoaxes and fake news are not so abundant through Telegram. The reason is perhaps the lesser number of users present on Telegram (this type of manipulation or misinformation campaigns are not so effective) and perhaps the users are somewhat more aware of this type of problem and that is why they fled from WhatsApp.

Does not limit users

In Telegram there is no limit of receivers . Therefore, it is better to get a message to more people. Ideal for companies or media that try to convey a message to their users, affiliates or customers.

This would be impossible on WhatsApp Groups, which has set a limit of 256 different phone numbers for contacts on one device.

It is something that many event dissemination channels help communities present in Telegram, and many other entities and companies already take advantage of.

TNG (Non-Governmental Telegram)

Like an NGO, Telegram also has greater independence from governments . Something that is not the case on WhatsApp and other social platforms, which have close relationships and communications with government authorities. However, they do report on terrorists and other legal issues.

Telegram has refused to let governments have control , and has already had its pluses and minuses in Russia for it. There Putin blocked the app.

One of the reasons is that Telegram has a strongly encrypted service based on the MTProto protocol, while secret chats have an additional Ent-To-End encryption, making it more secure against this type of espionage or control.


WhatsApp has not yet implemented something similar, and is behind in the implementation of certain functions that Telegram users enjoyed for a long time, but that did not reach the Facebook app until not long ago.

An example is the subscription system that Telegram allows for the broadcast channels of large organizations. Thus, it allows subscribers to access these collective channels.

In the green app this does not seem to be of interest , and it is not in the roadmap for its implementation. At least in the short term.

Move files

WhatsApp allowed sending files of other types (Documents) much later than Telegram, and even in whatsapp groups user gets more feature, where you could send any file format for a long time.

Worse still, there are still differences in favor of Telegram , despite the fact that in terms of format they have been equaled.

And that difference lies in the size of the files you can send. In Telegram you can upload and download large files at high speed. With a limit of 1.5 GB compared to only 100 MB of WhatsApp. In both cases compression algorithms are used to make the traffic sustainable, but the difference in size is brutal.

Protection pin

Apart from the security and privacy of Telegram, there is also another thing in which it improves WhatsApp, and that is in the protection of private chats .

It not only allows anonymous chats and the self-destruction of messages. It also has the function to protect access to messages with a PIN code . It even prevents screen capture as well.

In this way, you can have greater privacy in conversations and prevent someone who can pick up your mobile from having access to those messages if they do not have the pin to unlock the app.

Multi platform

WhatsApp allows the use of its app on mobile devices that have an associated phone number. It also has its version for computers, but Telegram goes a little further.

Therefore, if you want more freedom to use the Telegram service on different platforms , you have many clients at your disposal.

Telegram is available for iOS / iPad, Android, macOS, Windows, and GNU / Linux . In addition to a web version suitable for any device that has a compatible browser.

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