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Sage 300 Error Code 49153: How to Fix It?

Experiencing mistake code 49153 while attempting to get to Sage 300 ERP application is extremely normal. It basically implies that your Sage 300 ERP application has neglected to set up any association with the information base. In case you are confronting this blunder continually, you should track down a long-lasting answer for this or, more than likely your day by day usefulness will be compromised. So to take care of you, we have you this aide including all you should know to manage Sage 300 blunder code 49153

What is Sage 300 ERP Error 49153?

“Sage 300 ERP-can’t get to information base mistake 49153” is the Sage Database Error. It shows on your screen when Sage neglects to associate with the information base. By and large, clients experience such mistakes when you sign in to the record or attempt to open your Sage 300 organization.

In case that is the situation, clients need to report quickly so that your administrator can audit if the information base is available or not.

Potential Causes of Error 49153 Sage

As said before, Sage 300 shows blunder code 49153 when the association is neglected to build up. In any case, there can be different reasons because of which your product neglects to interface with the information base. Here are the accompanying causes:

  • It shows an invalid worker name.
  • The data set is likely disconnected.
  • There is some issue with the data set customer adaptation.
  • SQL data set association is invalid.
  • Windows Firewall may be obstructing Sage 300 programming.
  • DNS worker isn’t moving starting with one IP address then onto the next.

These are the most ideal reasons because of which you experience Sage 300-can’t get to data set mistake 49153. In the accompanying conversation, we will presently show you how you can dispose of this mistake. How about we read ahead!

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How to Fix Sage Error Code 49153?

To determine this mistake, you can carry out various arrangements. For example, you can actually take a look at the data set association, really look at this product on different frameworks, utilize the order line to actually take a look at the information base worker, analyze the SQL worker, really look at ODBC settings or open the library to refresh the worker way.

Presently, we will see every one of these diverse ways with a bit by bit guide.

Fix 1: Check Your Database Connection

Prior to carrying out any specialized practice, one should dispatch the Sage 300 application to actually take a look at the data set association. You can analyze in case there is a specific information base that is causing issues or every one of the data sets making blunders.

To do as such, you need to go to the Sage 3000 DBSETUP utility that keeps all the data set associations data connected with your Sage 300 organization. Whenever you are signed into your record, seek after the means expressed underneath:

  • Hit the “Start” button.
  • Snap on the “All Programs” choice.
  • Presently, change to the “Sage”.
  • Pick “Sage 300 2016” It can show different names. Contingent upon your form, you can pick the name.
  • Snap on the “Data set Setup”.
  • Login to the record utilizing your right ID and secret phrase.
  • Hit the “Alright” button.

Whenever you are finished playing out these means, you will see the arrangement profiles accessible in the Sage 300 application. Now, you can click twice on any of the arrangement profiles with the goal that you can see the properties.

This is the manner by which you can really take a look at the worker alongside the name and the information base. This assists you with treating the mistake in like manner.

In the event that you are getting the blunder because of the various information bases then you ought to address the utility settings. The issue can happen because of the helpless PC association or SQL worker. In this way, you can check them to determine the blunder 49153 Sage (Accpac).

Fix 2: Ask If the Error is Received by Other Users

In this technique, you are needed to request different clients from Sage 300 in case they are getting a similar blunder. On the off chance that different clients experience this blunder, it demonstrates that the issue is really with your information base worker.

On the other hand, you can dispatch Sage 300 programming on another PC. At times, your product doesn’t react in like manner because of the framework or equipment issues. In the event that your product chips away at another PC, it implies there is an issue with your gadget.

To fix this issue, you can look at the accompanying approaches to affirm if your data set is running.

Fix 3: Check Your Database Server utilizing Command Prompt

To really take a look at the information base worker, you can visit the worker comfort and confirm the worker status. Here, you can ping the data set worker by its name. This is a simple method to see whether the data set is running or the name is noticeable on another framework. Here is the manner by which to discover:

  • Snap on the “Start” button.
  • Type “Order Prompt” in the hunt bar.
  • Hit the “Enter” key.
  • At the point when you see the “Order Prompt” window, begin composing “ping databaseservername”.
  • Then, at that point, press the “Enter” key.
  • On the off chance that a spring up seems saying “Ping solicitation couldn’t discover have sql2016. Kindly check the name and attempt once more” then, at that point this blunder is brought about by its worker.

Presently, you can check the information base condition and afterward restart your framework. Once done, you can actually look at the information base worker. On the off chance that you neglect to ping it by name, attempt to ping it by the IP address.

Fix 4: Check SQL Server

Here, we will execute the order to actually look at the SQL Server. For that, you can follow the means trained beneath:

  • Snap on the “Start” button.
  • Type “services.msc” in the pursuit bar.
  • Hit the “Enter” key.
  • Presently, really look at the SQL Server (SQL Express). In the event that the status doesn’t begin, you can click directly on the “Name” and hit the “start” button.
  • Since you have begun the SQL worker, you can take a stab at signing in to your Sage 300 application. In the event that you again neglected to login, go with different techniques.

Fix Open the Registry

On the off chance that you are confronting information base mistake issues, you can change the way of your worker. This should be possible by utilizing the library. The following are the accompanying advances that can be followed:

  • Press the “Windows” + “R” keys to dispatch the “Run” box.
  • Type “Regedit” in the inquiry bar.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Find the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE\wow6432Node\ACCPAC International, Inc. \ACCPAC\”.

Here, you need to refresh or change the worker way in the Sage300 organizer which should be put in the Shared Data and Programs.

  • Open your “SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager” and extend the SQL Native Client Configuration” area.
  • Then, at that point, click on the “Customer Protocols” to look at the Shared memory, Named Pipes, TCP/IP, in case they are empowered or not.
  • Presently, go to the “SQL Server Service” and start the administrations once more.
  • When you change the settings for the SQL worker, the odds are good that conceivable to fix the issue. From that point, you can attempt to sign into the worker.

Fix 6: Open ODBC Settings

Assuming no strategy works, changing the ODBC settings can work. In this technique, we will initially take a look at the ODBC settings and afterward test information base network from the Control Panel.

Fix 6.1: Check ODBC Settings

  • Press the “Windows” + “R” keys to dispatch the “Run” box.
  • Type “%WinDir%\system64\odbcad64.exe” in the inquiry bar.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Snap on the worker name in the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” window. This will show you the data.

Fix 6.2: Fix the Issue

  • Open the “Wise Database Setup” and the “Framework Database Profiles”.
  • Check which Login ID, Server name, Database names, Data Source are set.
  • Presently, open the “Control Panel”.
  • Snap on the “Authoritative Tools”.
  • Go to the “Information Sources (ODBC)”.
  • Open the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” (32-bit variant).
  • On the other hand, you can follow the way for 64-bit: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.
  • Find the “Information Source” or “Worker” name.
  • In the “SQL Authentication”, enter the ID and secret word.
  • Ensure that the settings stay as default.
  • Test your information base availability utilizing the DSN.

This is the means by which you can really look at the ODBC settings and data set network. You can likewise attempt to reinstall the SQL Native Client driver. This will assist you with fixing the issue without a doubt.

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To Wind Up

Sage Error Code 49153 isn’t that difficult to dispose of. You should simply look at your data set association or SQL worker. On the off chance that you discover any issue with the worker, you can resolve it utilizing order lines, vault, and the sky is the limit from there.  .In this aide, we have given the very most ideal arrangements. You can execute these arrangements individually on your PC. When the mistake is fixed, you can without much of a stretch sign in to your Sage organization.

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