Simple Ways to Avoid Dangerous AC breakdowns

Dangerous AC breakdowns

No matter the season, you need your HVAC to work efficiently to maintain comfort and safety inside your home. Without a properly functioning furnace or air conditioner, your family can be exposed to extreme temperatures and high levels of indoor air pollutants. Make sure your HVAC stays in top condition by providing the proper care and maintenance it needs.

Avoid a dangerous AC breakdown with these helpful tips:

Change the air filters regularly

Dirty filters block airflow, forcing your AC to work harder than it should. Changing your air filters is an inexpensive way to keep your air conditioner in good shape. As a general rule of thumb, it is good to replace filters every 30 to 90 days.

Provide enough clearance around the unit

Ensuring proper clearance around your AC system allows it to work efficiently. Avoid storing household items, such as boxes, cans, and other containers near or around your unit. Experts recommend providing at least one foot of clearance on all sides of your AC.

Check the outdoor unit for obstructions

Do not forget to check your condenser regularly and remove obstructions on and around the unit. During the off-season, be sure to cover your outdoor unit to protect it from weather-related damage.

Adjust your thermostat

Use your thermostat wisely to save money on your monthly energy bills. Reset your thermostat before you sleep or leave the house. Using a programmable thermostat lets you save energy and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Perform the necessary air conditioning repair

At first sight of the problem, report it right away to your trusted AC contractor. Minor air conditioning problems can easily escalate into a full-blown emergency unless fixed immediately.

Get help from professionals today by calling their service hotline. Make sure to only partner with a licensed and experienced HVAC company in your local area. Get quality consultations and estimates today!

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