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Switching From Corporate To Online Jobs

Online jobs are one of the major industries that are in demand in this pandemic situation. Here in the Philippines, there are lot of agencies, companies and individuals that are offering online jobs courses. Some of them are free basic training and some of them are paid at reasonable prices. One of them is the Filipino Virtual Assistance or popularly known as the FVA Consultancy based in DavaoCity, Philippines where I enrolled for SEO IN-Depth Course.

The Owner, Founder and my coach Julmar Grace Locsin which I look up into is a loving wife with twins, a freelancing thought leader, a woman in a mission, a resource speaker, and a writer. Her credentials and background inspired me a lot on how she manages her time wisely.  When I watched her videos, I am amazed on how she build her own company that has a Vision: Equipping Filipino Families one freelancer at a time. Its purpose is to provide online jobs courses to filipinos that are interested to become a Virtual Assistant and earn from home.

The things I consider in switching to Virtual Assistant Jobs

Switching from corporate to online jobs is not an easy decision and it requires a deep understanding on what are the benefits or advantages of home based online jobs.

To give a basic background on what my career was is that my job is one of the most hazardous jobs and places to work with considering that I handled different kind of chemicals, I am exposed on a high temperature, pressure and flammable environment and it also requires physical types of job. I bet you have now idea on what industry I was. Yes you’re right, I worked in an Oil and Gas Industry processing crude oil into different kind of products like diesel, gasoline, propylene, LPG etc,. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and was working in the biggest refinery in the Philippines, Petron Bataan Refinery, assigned in Refining Division as Process Technician. So let’s jump in on why I decided to switch my career.

  1. Family

The main factor on why I decided to switched to full time homebased and online part time jobs is my family. There’s no place like home and the time that passes through and you’re not with them is a called a Wasted Time. It’s a nice feeling that you can do online jobs from home and at the same time bond to your family. It is called Wise-Managed Time because at the end of the day, the reason that I am working and earning is to provide the needs of my family.

2. Work Environment

As I’ve mentioned above, my workplace before is considered to be one of the most hazardous workplace industries. It placed a big impact to me in deciding to switch to online jobs. From hazardous environment to my favourite place which is my home is one of the wisest decisions I’ve made. The probablity of accident is much lesser and the time alloted in travel is eliminated. I can wear anything I like at home while working unlike in my previous job, I am required to wear the complete uniform and other Personal Protective Equipment.

3. Work Paced

I like the fact that I can work in my own paced. I can organize my time and schedule very well. I can accept more than one client depending on my work load, I can balance the tasks to meet deadlines. Time management is very important. As virtual assistant, you can create a “Master to-do-list” of all your tasks, focus on what’s important rather than what’s urgent, be flexible and adaptable.

So my question now is “Do you have the guts to explore more opportunities?” or “Are you afraid to get out on your comfort zone?” You have to list down your priorities and focus on what is more important. There are lot of things to consider in life, career and in the future. So the choice is up to you.

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