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The A to Z of Mobile App Development for Businesses

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Based on a recent study, annual mobile app downloads have been projected to reach more than 258 Billion by 2022. It will be much higher than 2020, with 204 Billion downloads.

To win the heart of more customers, it is important to have a mobile application with unique features.

Business with Mobile App Development has higher numbers of reach of customers without any hassle. Normally, the Mobile app development would mainly signify business growth with the advancement in technology.

Based on another report in 2020, Users have been spending the average of 4.2 hours a day using apps.

Whether you are a supplier, a retailer, artist, or an entrepreneur, it is a much more efficient option for easily helping to run the business much better.

Mobile apps would be generating more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

These are also a suitable option for serving your customers more efficiently. With Mobile App Development, it is a more efficient option to streamline your business processes, facilitate better communication, and automate repetitive tasks as well as many other benefits.

What Is Mobile App Development?

Mobile App development is a process of creating software that especially runs mobile devices. It helps to run a specific process. In the modern-day, Mobile devices such as the Smartphone, tablets, and many others have changed the lives of our people.

More than 6.95 billion users use mobile apps. The widespread popularity of modern-day mobile devices makes it much more intuitive for connecting customers on mobile.

People have been using smartphones for their daily purposes. The average person with 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep would be spending more than 8 hours remaining.

Mobile app statistics from 2020 states this obsession with apps isn’t slowing down. When you are running a business, it is important to have the web and app presence online to ensure that you could easily get your products efficiently.

Customers were spending $143 billion on apps in 2020. Mobile Ad spending has been increased by 26% to hit $240 billion in 2020.

When you are looking to increase your mobile presence, then having the best mobile app with adequate features would be a suitable option. Choosing the top mobile app development companies in India would be a much more efficient way for gaining maximum ROI.

With mobile apps, your business has the highest chance of engaging as well as connecting with the customers.

  • Increases Customer Service experience
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Improve Customers Loyalty
  • Increases Sales
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Accessibility to Customers

Why Does A Business Need A Mobile App?

In the modern-day, selling products online has become the unique and fashionable way with the use of mobile apps for business. The main reason is that Mobile apps are mainly expected to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

In the Apple App Store, there are 1.96 million apps available for the user to download. More than 2.87 million apps are available for download on Google Play Store.

When you like to increase business growth, then choosing the Best mobile app development companies in India would be quite an efficient option.

Below are some of the ways that mobile apps could easily add immense value to the business.

Acquire New Customers:

With the best app development companies in India, businesses can easily grab new customers and attract them to buy from it without any hassle. These are a mainly suitable option for selling your products and services with the app.

Keeping Customers More Engaged:

Keeping the customers engaged is quite important to gain more ROI. It is also quite important to turn it into the repeated customers. Customers would mainly gain about a 27% chance of a second purchase from you.

Increases Customer Loyalty:

When you are looking to turn your one-time customers into loyal ones, then you could add mobile apps. In business, you need to be more than a provider of goods. Mobile App would increase the strong relationship with customers.

Better Customer Service:

About 21% of Millennials have been opening apps more than 50 times a day. Choose the best List of mobile app development companies in India to easily gain better Mobile App Development. Having a reliable communication channel would be a suitable option to resolve customer issues quickly.

Types Of Mobile Apps:

Average Smartphone owners have been using 10 apps per day and 30 apps each month. There are mainly three types of mobile apps:

Native Apps:

The Native apps are mainly built specifically for the leading platforms such as Android and iOS. These apps could be easily downloaded from respective app stores. More than 69% of all digital media comes from mobile apps.

These apps are mainly based on numerous features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, compass, gyroscope, and many more. These would provide you a truly immersive experience. It mainly allows offline features with lock screen notifications.

Web Apps:

Web Apps are mainly mobile websites designed for the user. These look similar to that of the apps and have more capabilities. Normally, the Web apps could easily be accessed through the browser.

It does not need to be downloaded on the device. Web apps offer native-like functionality, but they are blurred with lines between web apps and native apps. It is also enabled with features such as simple gestures and GPS.

Hybrid Apps:

The Hybrid Apps comprise of both native and web apps. Normally, these could be developed once and are codebase shared across various mobile and web platforms. It is quite an efficient and faster option than web apps development.

A statistic states 49% of the people have been opening the app more than 11 times each day. These apps are required to be downloaded from the app store. These apps mainly run on iOS, Android, and many other platforms. Hybrid apps are lower cost with native-like performance.

Native, Web, Or Hybrid

Choosing the right type of mobile app development for your business is the biggest decision. Based on your requirement, it is a much more efficient option to choose the right model of mobile app development with top web development companies in India. More than 90% of mobile internet time has been mainly spent on Apps.

Hybrid apps are typically easier and faster to develop compared to native apps. They mainly require less maintenance. The speed of a hybrid app depends on the speed of the user’s browser.

Essential Mobile App Features For Every Business:

Mobile App is becoming the major medium for the digital interaction for the customers. Some of the important features in mobile app development are listed below

  • Fast Loading Speed – Allows the customers to use your apps
  • Simple Menu Structure – Easy to use and navigate
  • Customization – Customize content, colors, layout, font, and system functionality
  • Security – Secures Intercept sensitive information with added internet security in the mobile application.
  • Advanced Analytics – Helps in tracking as well as identifying a user’s actions.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – Increase sales with secure Payment Gateway
  • Social Media Integration – Increases the online visibility and brand awareness
  • Push Notifications – Helps to send promotional offers with text, graphics, and many more. It is notifying users with personalized push messaging


Knowing about the essential mobile app features of your business is quite important for retaining customers. Whatever your business is, whether big or small, it is quite necessary to develop a mobile app with the best mobile app features which allow more customers to reach.

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