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The Baby Equipment You Really Need As Soon As You Return From the Matter

Baby Equipment

In a few months or even a few weeks, your baby will be there. To take care of him every day, you will need suitable equipment. If you can count on your friends to offer and lend you certain accessories and several pieces of your equipment, these are better not to wait and buy them by yourself. In fact, they will be essential as soon as you return home with your little one.

Childcare equipment needed at home

The crib is necessary up to approximately 3 years, it is comfortable and secure. Practical too, most models offer two mattress heights so that you can take your baby in your arms as often as you want at first, without having to fold in half. The cododo cradle is an alternative from birth (and up to around 6 months) to sleep as close as possible to your baby without risk (which is not the case if the baby sleeps in your bed) and breastfeed without having to get up.

A changing table

Baby will need to be changed several times a day, about 6 to 8 times, from birth and for several years.   Of course, you can sit on your bed or on a table, but the changing table offers several advantages that make all the difference? First of all, the plane is at a good height to change the layer without you having to bend down. Spacious and equipped with a changing mat, it is always ready to accommodate babies. And finally, the changing table has storage space that will allow you to keep handy toiletries, change, etc.

A baby lounger

Some mothers will tell you that they use their shell seat instead of the deckchair (which is not the best idea) … Others will tell you that they cannot do without their deckchair to drop off a baby at all times … In fact, the deckchair is not an absolutely essential accessory but it is so practical that it would be a shame to do without! Lightweight, the deckchair has a fully extending seat, perfect for your baby to relax or even take a nap after a bottle, for example. When the baby grows, we can raise the file so that the baby can participate in family life. There are several types of deckchairs. If the classic models are used from birth until about 6 months (we stop using it when the baby starts to recover, safety issue), the evolutionary models can accommodate the baby much longer. In all cases, refer to the instructions for your deckchair to use it as it should. Buy Baby Activity Equipment

A bathtub

Better to adopt a plastic bathtub at bath time. For maximum comfort or if you have a fragile back, you will buy a bathtub with dedicated feet in order to place your bathtub at the right height. With or without support, prefer a bathtub that is easy to fill and empty. Worried about dropping your baby or slipping it in the water? The deckchair is placed in the bathtub and accommodates the baby in a lying position. Very reassuring, you keep your hands free to soap and take care of your little one.The baby carrier or sling porting either will allow you to go out with your baby curled up against you from birth without the need to burden yourself with the stroller.

The baby wrap is the most natural way to carry the baby against you, from birth. However, it is not necessarily easy to install and the knots require a little training, it is better to participate in portage workshops to learn how to perform them correctly. The baby carrier is very easy to install thanks to its straps that slip on in a few gestures and its seat is always ready to accommodate the baby. However, the baby carrier is more bulky to store and some models do not offer good comfort for a small child. You will understand, they are to be chosen with care and it is better to buy a baby carrier or a scarf from a recognized brand, expert in the field.

The stroller

It is certainly the absolute must-have! Choosing your stroller and its accessories is not done lightly, better not to be mistaken. The stroller is indeed a big investment and it will follow you for a long time. As soon as you return home, you can go out with your baby for a walk. For short walks, if the baby carrier is required, the stroller takes over for long-term outings.

The car seat

From birth, it is mandatory to install a baby in a car seat adapted to its size or weight for long as for short trips by car. Meeting the R44 / 04 or i-Size standards, the most practical and safest way to protect a baby, it is the car seat from birth (up to 13 kg or 83 cm), also called a car seat or cozy. It also fits on the stroller (before purchase, make sure that both are compatible). A visit to a friend, an appointment with the pediatrician … The car seat will keep the baby well installed. Inside, your little one can stay there for a few hours, it’s like in a cocoon.

The diaper bag

It’s a bit like a baby’s handbag, it will follow it on every walk. More practical than a large shopping bag, the changing bag offers clever accessories such as a changing mat, insulated pockets … Inside, you can organize the baby’s belongings thanks to pockets and compartments. The changing bag is also easy to carry thanks to its handles and its handle, a plus when it is loaded. Also, you can hang it on the stroller with small straps called “stroller hooks” provided for this purpose. If on some bags they are integrated, on others they are optional.

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