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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing SEO

SEO is important, complicated, and time-consuming. It is similar to investing and requires you to make the right decision to see results. If you are a smart marketer, you have already narrowed down the options available and chosen to outsource SEO to an expert.

If you have taken the right decision to outsource SEO to a professional, then this article is for you. Before you hire a company, there are a few essentials you need to know about; like:

  • What is SEO outsourcing?
  • Why should you outsource SEO?
  • Essentials to consider while outsourcing SEO

What is SEO Outsourcing?

SEO outsourcing means outsourcing services related to search engine optimization like on-page or off-page optimization to a third party professional SEO company.

The SEO company can help you scale your business and provide you robust services. MarCom Guys work with companies of all sizes to help them scale their business and increase profits.

When Should You Outsource SEO?

There are many reasons a company may wish to outsource SEO; for example, if the company is launching a new product or have redesigned their website. Not every element of SEO requires a full time member. Thus outsourcing is a flexible and wise option.

Why Outsource to an SEO Reseller?

The reasons why a company outsources SEO services can be many. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

Reduce Costs

Hiring an SEO Reseller helps you save a lot of money, and this is one of the crucial reasons for any business to outsource their SEO needs to a professional SEO reseller. The cost of maintaining an in-house team includes an annual appraisal, bonuses, cost of hardware and software, etc.

When you outsource SEO, all you need to do is inform the SEO reseller about your requirements and keep following up.

Efficient and Expert Project Management

Outsourcing SEO to a professional ensures your website’s SEO is in the right hands. They have a team of efficient and expert people that manage your project and follow up with you from time to time on the progress of the project.

Focus on Business Activities

Hiring the right SEO partner is important. While the professional works in the background to fulfill your SEO requirements, you can, in the meanwhile, focus on growing your client relationships and get more clients.

For you to be able to focus on business activities, you need to trust your SEO company’s methodology and know that they can deliver the desired results.

Reduced Opportunity Costs

SEO requires skills and must be practiced to be perfected with time. If you have an in-house team, you need to teach them lessons that require a lot of time and money. Also, not every staff of yours have the same learning curve. Thus, you cannot predict the total time required to train everyone.

Therefore, outsourcing is like having an SEO expert at your service for your projects.

No Need to Buy the Tools

Marketers do not only use their expertise for SEO projects but also use a lot of tools to implement certain marketing tasks. These tools are costly and also require training to understand how they work efficiently.

It is better to outsource SEO to a white label SEO company that uses such tools on a daily basis.

Free SEO Audit

When you outsource SEO to an expert, most companies provide you a free SEO audit to help you know your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Quality Content and Links

Having a sufficient quantity of inbound links is one of the important features of a successful website. It requires expertise to build quality links. When you outsource SEO to a professional, you get to use the expertise of link building to increase the traffic and strengths of your website.

How to Find the Right Company?

The basic and the best way to look for the right company to outsource your SEO is the search engine. You can also go through the mentions on SEO forums to find a good agency. Make sure you do not hire the first company you come across but validate the key essentials required in the right SEO company.

Things to Consider While Outsourcing SEO

Not every SEO company provides the same quality of service, and thus, you need to ensure that the company you wish to hire offers the following:

Monthly Services

Before you hire the company, check the services included in their monthly package. How much content they will provide in their monthly package, and what type of SEO is included? Ensure you know the services included in the package so that you can get the value of every penny spent.


SEO is not only getting experts to work on your website but it is also about using the right tools and technology to get the campaign rolling out. Ensure that the SEO company you hire makes use of the latest technology and tools. Ask them about this before hiring.

Expert Staff Support

It is essential to know who will work on your project. You can call and talk to them about your business requirements. The conversation will help you sense if they are able to fulfill your needs.

Package Cost

Analyze their white label SEO packages and inclusions to know if they will meet your needs. Also, calculate if the markup price will be profitable for you or not.

Brand Identity

When you outsource SEO you need to know will the services executed match your brand identity? When you hire a firm, they are unfamiliar with your business goals and will be responsible for keyword strategy, SEO content, customer-focused content that represents your brand.

Thus, ensure to make them familiar with the brand. They should understand your business goals.

Customized Plans

The SEO company you wish to outsource should provide you custom SEO plans as your brand needs and budget. ‘One plan fits all’ doesn’t apply in this case and your agency should be well aware of this.

Do Not Hire If They:

Apart from keeping the green flags in mind, there are a few red flags that you need to consider as well like:

Guarantee Fast Results

No web page ranks on Google’s first page overnight because SEO is a slow process. It usually takes a minimum of 3 months to see positive results. A web page can attain first page rankings in 8 months.

Thus, if the company states that they can get you or your clients rank on the first page in a couple of days, then cut the call and look for another SEO reseller.

Do Not Keep up with Google’s Guidelines

Following Google’s guidelines is very important and no one can mess with it. Do not risk yours and your client’s brand image by an outsourcing SEO company that follows black hat SEO methods.

Ask them for examples and case studies to make sure they are following Google’s stated guidelines. At MarCom Guys, you would not have to worry about this because we work in the best interests of our clients and thus design the plan within Google’s requirements.

Do Not Track Digital Marketing Trends

There is always something new in SEO. If the company you outsource is not updated with the latest trends then you are missing its value. Do not worry because MarCom Guys won’t let you down.

Do Not Send SEO Reports

You need to be updated on the status of your project. If the SEO company does not have a policy of sending you reports every week or month, then you need to choose another company.

Ask the company if they send reports before you hire them.

Do Not Offer Custom SEO Plans

SEO works differently for each business according to their needs. A ‘one size fits all’ won’t help. Our team will talk to the agency to know about their business and goals to customize a campaign as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Reports Do You Send?

Reports help you understand the company shows and interprets the SEO results. You would want to see a report that is simple to understand and forward the same to your client.

At MarCom Guys, we send monthly reports, audits and SEO analysis and proposals that the client should implement.

Which Tools Do You Use in SEO?

If the company uses tools like Scrape Box, The Best Spinner, etc, look for another company. We only tools that support white hat SEO and not black hat SEO. Some of the legit SEO tools we use are:

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • BuzzSumo

Who Will Maintain the Ownership of the Optimized Content?

Before you outsource SEO to an agency, it is essential to know who will take ownership of the optimized content when the contract ends. All the work that you pay for, remain yours.

Why Should your SEO Work be Outsourced?

There are many reasons why any company should consider outsourcing SEO work to the experts and some of them are:

  • Saves a lot of time and money
  • It will help you get optimized content
  • You will be working with experts
  • It will free your in-house team to work on other projects
  • You can enjoy faster and high-quality results
  • You can get expert SEO advice from the resellers
  • No more buying costly SEO tools

At MarCom Guys, we work on a monthly basis without a lock-in contract. Every month, the work is handed over to the client. They choose to stay with us because of the results they get and not because of the lock-in period.

We hope to have helped you know the important points that will help you outsource the right SEO company.

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