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List of Top 10 Freehold areas in Dubai – Buyer’s Guide

Freehold areas in Dubai

One of the most beautiful places filled with technological advancements, high-tech lifestyles, overflowing luxury and more is the United Arab Emirates. The world’s best businesses and GDP are here in the UAE, especially in Dubai, Doha and other neighbourhoods. Over the last few years, people from across different countries have flown down to Dubai to settle and grow their businesses, find new employment opportunities or just enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. Apart from Dubai’s residents, nobody was allowed to take part in the real estate venture earlier. The country has expanded its territory for expats to buy property in Dubai, which was once restricted. They can now invest in certain areas of Dubai.

These areas are also known as freehold regions that are open to foreigners to make their property purchase in Dubai. After this rule was passed in Dubai, the expat population skyrocketed and is more than that of the existing residents. Freehold properties are the ones built in areas reserved for expats and non-residents of Dubai to buy a property. There are over 50 areas in Dubai that enable expats to make a property purchase in any part of Dubai legally, and register themselves with the Dubai Land Department.


One of Dubai’s most luxurious properties looking onto the mighty Burj Khalifa is built here. Many people are seen moving into Downtown Dubai frequently for the posh effect it emanates across the place. The popular type of property available here for rent or sale for expats is the magnificent apartments with different numbers of bedrooms and furnishings. From hotels to shopping centres, Downtown Dubai has everything to offer.


Being the busiest place and the main link between the Arabian Gulf and Old Dubai, Business Bay is home to spectacular architecture and the best urban settlement in Dubai. The high-rise apartments would glimmer at night with city lights. This is a freehold area where new expats who can afford high-end properties end up living in this neighbourhood. Dubai’s most vibrant streets with eateries, malls and lounges can be found at Business Bay.


With jaw-dropping views and sophisticated architecture, the free-hold properties of Dubai Marina are built with an artistic eye. From luxurious hotels and cafes to an oasis surrounded by skyscrapers, it is the dream for any expat to move into the Marina and settle down once and for all. The most prevalent canal, the line-up of beaches, bars, high-rise buildings, shopping centres, restaurants and more are here at Dubai Marina.


Home to over eighty towers, gleaming lakes and life-sized green spaces, JLT is an urban district with sky-high apartments gathered around the neighbourhood. Jumeirah Lake Towers’ community strength and vibes are quite dynamic, and it is the ideal place to stay. Temporary expats in JLT can enjoy luxurious hotels and vacation homes. Residents can attend community yoga, outdoor movies, and market days on a regular basis.


Situated a few miles from Palm Jumeirah, Dubailand is a newly constructed development spanning about 106 sq miles with more than 50 attractions for new visitors entering Dubailand. Unlike other freehold areas, the residential developments built here have a themed environment which is one main reason for Dubailand to become popular in a very short period. The freehold properties up for sale here are lavish villas, studio flats and apartments.


When a person decides to live at Palm Jumeirah, they would experience only luxury and a vibrant lifestyle throughout their stay. Palm Jumeirah’s neighbourhoods are surrounded by the long coastline and beaches, attractive hotels, apartments, skyscrapers and what not. The streets of Palm Jumeirah have very few to no crime rates due to higher efficiency and growth in the city. This place is famous for its impressive man-made islands.


Popularly also known as TECOM, Barsha Heights is a popular neighbourhood in Dubai with plenty of freehold properties scattered along with the place. Most residents love to move here for its affordability levels are moderate. People looking for an affordable lifestyle yet a place to be noticed by all would prefer staying at Barsha Heights. One can find young families with children in this neighbourhood with pleasant community standards and more.


Though it is popularly called a village, Dubai’s best villas can be seen in this neighbourhood. Those looking for a lavish and exclusive set of townhouses with the village vibe hitting from everywhere would love shifting to Jumeirah Village Circle. A luxurious life can still be lived away from skyscrapers and lights shining over the buildings. Several parks, family villas etc., altogether makes it a friendly community to live in.


One of Dubai’s recent man-made islands is the Bluewaters which has become quite popular in no time. Several ongoing developments on this island will bring this place under the spotlight in the coming years. The recent residential developments that are completely luxurious and compact at the same time are people’s favourite. The future construction plans include over ten residential blocks, shopping centres and restaurants that would become the centre of attraction.


About 40 towers in total make the Jumeirah Beach Residence an in-demand place for expats to live here in homes with a view. Located close by to the Marina, Arabian Gulf and other prominent places, residents can effortlessly find multiple freehold properties for rent or sale, and can suit themselves with the right type of property according to their requirements and budget. Bound by waters, residents can have a breezy stay here.

By owning a freehold property, one can enjoy doing anything within their property limits without having to be answerable to their neighbours or anybody for that matter. The residents of these properties can get visas for longer terms like 5 or a 10-year tenure, unlike other residents. They can sell, let or lease out their homes as per their wish without any external intervention. Several advantages can be availed by the property owners, which attracts more expats at a global level.

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