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Top-Notch Gifting Solutions with GyFTR

Gifting Solutions with GyFTR

Are you also tired of gifting in the same old manner? I guess the time has come to stop stressing about the decision of choosing the best gifts for your loved ones. Also, you don’t have to worry about gifting the wrong size or color. As to satisfy your Gift woes “Gift Vouchers” have come into action. Since digitalization has been a part of our life why not gift digitally?

Ohh, wait I know what you are thinking! Arent gift vouchers a bit impersonal? Ahhh to be precise gift vouchers and gift cards are much more thoughtful as it comes with the freedom to choose!

You can actually gift your loved ones the freedom to choose what they want. Be it a fancy dinner, new shoes, or a chic outfit, that too from their favorite brands! Wait lemme tell you more about digital gifts, we see that carbon footprints are on the rise, and what’s more environmentally friendly than a digital Gift Voucher/Gift Card? It’s gonna be a win-win my friend.

I love GyFTING & I love GyFTR! Wondering why?

GyFTR is a one-stop shop that provides you with amazing vouchers and gift cards for more than 250+ brands. Picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost!

As you read on, I can only imagine the excitement on your face! You can get additional discounts on your favorite brands and can earn E-Pay points on your every purchase. These E-Pay points can be redeemed on GyFTR App as well as the official website.

Do you know what the best part is? You don’t have to worry about different categories. GyFTR has a wide range of brands in categories like Travel, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Fashion, Electronics, Dining, and many more!

For exclusive offers I downloaded the GyFTR App and got credited with extra E-Pay on my first download, so if you want extra benefits just download the GyFTR application that’s available on android & iOS both!

Ab itna saara bata diya toh… GyFTR ke champion brands bhi bata deta hu. I am sure that you dont wanna miss them.

We all have that someone in our lives who gets charged up instantly when they hear the word gadget, Aam bhasha mei we call them techno-geeks. You have GyFTR Croma Vouchers with an amazing 2% discount also you will receive up to 2% E-Pay on your purchase. Then, there are GyFTR Reliance Digital Gift Cards that shelf up everything a techno-geek wishes for!

Health is more than just staying out of diseases. We like to encourage our loved ones in terms of healthy lifestyles, isn’t it? So why not give them some health-friendly Gift Cards from Brands like The Body Shop, Swiss Beauty, and The Man Company? You can also go smart with the HealthifyMe Gift Cards for smart plans with amazing discounts of up to 15%

Ek Travel break toh banta hai boss. Living the same monotonous life with never-ending workload needs a break. The world is moving to a culture where people care about their health and where they also talk about taking a break to bounce back better with positive energies. Time to make some memories on a holiday with’s  Instant Vouchers with an amazing discount of up to 4 % giving you an experience of a lifetime on your holidays without any interruptions.

Entertainment toh zaroori hai!!

Entertainment is not only about taking a break its from your routine. It is about having some exciting flicks between your tasks to increase your productivity. You’ve got MX Player with upto 20% off and Wynk Music with upto 24% off to increase your fun levels with exciting series and songs Ad-Free. Also if you like listening to audiobooks, Audible is here with 20% discount.

So there you have it, folks. Your quirky, creative, and eco-friendly gifting solution you never knew you needed. Give the gift of choice this year and watch your loved ones’ faces light up with joy and gratitude.

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