5 Top Online Degree Programs that Make Career Advancement Easy for Working Professionals

Top Online Degree Programs

Enrolling in an online degree program opens doors to excellent opportunities for learners. Online degree programs enhance the knowledge and skills of learners and demonstrate the learners’ interest and potential to prospective employers while simultaneously building the learners’ profile. Many online degree programs prepare learners for modern workplaces. Online degree programs have various advantages, some of which are-

  • Qualifying for senior-level jobs
  • Gaining credibility by demonstrating advanced skills
  • Upskilling and enhancing technical knowledge

Let us learn about the top online degree programs beneficial for working professionals in this write-up.

Business Administration

More learners attend online business degree programs than other online degree programs. An online business administration degree program comes with the most options for specializations and promises a high salary potential. A bachelor’s (BBA) or master’s MBA degree online prepares learners for many career options. The growth rate for professionals with an online management degree is the highest, and new career opportunities also add up every year in management profiles.

Computer Science

In this age of information, big tech and big data companies are increasing and looking for computer science professionals. Every domain of life is dependent on modern and computer technology. Computer science professionals will be contributing more through apps and softwares that support humanity. From farming equipment to household devices, internet technology is utilised to operate them. Computer science professionals are at the forefront of all emerging technology fields. The compensation is high in entry-level or management positions for computer science professionals. To become excellent professionals for the competitive field of computer science and technology an online bachelor’s or master’s in computer applications is the prominent choice among learners.


A degree in commerce is the topmost choice amongst learners. The growth rate for financial managers is the highest at 17% and a career in commerce is the most stable option. A career in commerce involves working in fields such as accounts, banking, insurance, and trading. To build a successful career in commerce learners require to develop the right skills. Therefore, an online degree in commerce is a suitable choice for learners to develop skills and gain knowledge to grow in the lucrative field of commerce.


An online degree program in journalism and mass communication prepares learners for various career options. A career as a communication manager, public relation manager, broadcast journalist, and writer are the most popular among learners having a degree in journalism and communications. The online program in journalism and mass communication will cover topics such as mass media, broadcast journalism, investigative journalism, organisational communication, and interpersonal and group communication. Learners with a bachelor’s degree in journalism may get entry level jobs but those with a masters have a competitive advantage.

Data Science

With the advent of big data, online degree programs in data science has become most sought after. Data scientists analyse the large sets of data and make them meaningful and understandable. The analysed data informs things like the user behaviour, conversion rate, and efficacy of marketing campaigns. The analysed data helps businesses to improve profits and attain business goals. Governments, businesses, and non-profits take help from data scientists to make crucial decisions. All the big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon hire data scientists for achieving their business targets.


A career as a content writer, book reviewer, travel blogger, author, editor, and columnist are popular among learners with an online degree in English Literature. Online master’s or bachelor’s in English Literature is a popular choice for learners having keen interest in language and cultural studies. Master’s and bachelor’s level online degree programs in English Literature are easily available in most renowned universities across the world for learners to expand their knowledge and growth potential in the field of English Literature.


It is advantageous for working professionals to add an online degree in their resumes. It maximises their potential for getting promoted in jobs. Upon completing an online degree, the chances to advance to better career options also increase. The various options available for learners to enhance their education are in subjects such as management, data science, commerce, computer science, communications, and literature. Online degree programs are therefore a suitable choice for learners to open pathways for better careers and enhance their growth potential as working professionals.

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