May 26, 2024
Computer Vision Syndrome

Understanding and Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome

The number of people wearingpremium spectacleshas increased immensely, since the last decade. The main reason for this increase in number is the changing lifestyle of people. Our daily routine is too much reliant on computer and gadgets with digital screens. The day starts with a peek at smartphones checking messages, social media updates and missed calls received while sleeping. Moreover, our daily job involves hours of staring at the digital screens and this further puts excess stress on the eye muscles. Not only employed adults are under strain but also children spend a large portion of their time staring at the screens of smartphone, TV and computer.

When we look at normal objects, our eyes automatically measure the distance and focus according to the depth of vision. But while working on the computer for a long period, our eyes focus more on the text or moving images on the screen, they frequently switch the focus from one point to another while perceiving the distance as we read. The eyes are under extreme stress while doing so. Also, the digital screens have flashing bright blue lights, the glare exsiccates our eyes and at times blur vision while working for a longer duration.

We are constantly putting strain on the eyes while watching the computer screen, due to which we usually suffer from numerous eye-related problems like stress, dry eyes, lethargy, headache, redness and watery eyes, and more. These symptoms are collectively acknowledged as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). So, how will you diagnose that you are having CVS? It’s very easy, if you are suffering from any of these collective symptoms, then you might be having CVS! But don’t worry, all you have to do is reduce the exposure to blue lights from digital screens. Let’s understand how to prevent CVS and protect our eyes from getting fatigued.

How to minimize and recover from Computer Vision Syndrome?

  • To minimize the exposure to blue lights from digital screens, usepremium spectacleshaving high-quality anti-reflection lenses with UV protection. Many eye experts and opticians recommend blue light cutting lenses having a special coating that filter out the major portion of high energy blue light and provides a comfortable vision even in low colour contrast.
  • Maintain the right posture while sitting in front of the computer. Take adequate breaks of 30-45 minutes in between your working hours to decrease the extent of time you devote to the computer. If this is not possible, take a break of at least 20 minutes, focus at an object for 20 seconds that is 20 feet away from you, then close your eyes and gently massage with hands or else you can simply move your eyes from right to left to relax the muscles. Repeat this 20-20-20 method to keep your eyes function better.
  • You can make natural pads at your home to relieve eye strains. All you have to do is keep the cucumber slices in the freezer for an hour, then gently apply them over the closed eyes for 10 minutes. If you don’t have cucumber slices at home use two steel tablespoons. Keep them in the freezer for just 5 minutes and then place them over the closed eyes.
  • Our eyes need proper rest to relax the muscles. Get enough sleep of at least 6-8 hours that will help your eyes to recover itself.
  • Eat healthy foods and do regular eye exercise.

Just follow these simple techniques daily to minimize the effects of computer vision syndrome and enjoy a healthy life. If you feel that your vision is compromised, get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist for vision correction and get premium spectacles with Pellucid Blue Lenses.

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