June 25, 2024

5 Incredible Foods Of Winters To Eat While You Visit Old Delhi


The Indian capital is known for its dense fog and chilly temperature in the country. With the rising dip in the temperature, people of capital find the various ways of keeping themselves warm. Be it hot tempted Gaajar Ka Halwa or sugary syrup dipped Jalebi, there are a number of dishes that sweetens the taste buds with well-known and finger-licking food. Undoubtedly, the streets of Delhi are filled with a range of delicacies still there are some incredible foods of winters that shouldn’t be missed while you take Delhi sightseeing tour. Let us have a look over it with the help of this blog-

Irresistible Food with Its Place

Daulat Ki Chaat – It is prepared only in the months of winters which tempt the people with its creamy wonder and sweetness. People reach here from various parts of the country just to experience its pleasurable taste.

Location: Gali Pranthe Wali Naughara, Jain Temple Kinari Bazar, Old Delhi

Gur Ka Halwa – You must have eaten various types of Halwa but Gur Ka Halwa is something different. It is prepared with semolina, jaggery, and oodles of ghee & topped with unique garnishing of cardamom powder.

Where: Chaina Ram, Sindhi confectioners, 6499, Fathepuri Chowk, Chandni Chowk

Gajar Ka Halwa – The people of north India cannot live without its sweet treat. The combination of sugar, ghee, khoya and carrot has made people fan of it. You will find it everywhere like a wedding or party at home.

Location: Giani Di Hatti, 651/52, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk

Famous Nihari – If you love non-vegetarian dishes then do not try to miss this popular “Nihari” which is a delicious product left by the Mughal legacy. Pamper your taste buds with this ultimate spicy treat.

Where: Haji Shabrati Nihariwale and Kallu Nihariwale, Jama Masjid, Delhi

Old Famous Jalebi Wala– Are you a die-hard fan of hot tempted Jalebi? If yes then you cannot miss this place to pamper your sweet tooth with its mind-blowing taste and crunchiness.

Location: Dariba Kalan Road, Chandni Chowk

What Else You Can See With Delhi Darshan?

Well, it is not just about the food, visiting the capital of India gives plenty of other options too to see its beauty and charm. The city is also famous for its street shopping and various historical monuments. It also symbolizes the unity of various religions resides together with complete peace and harmony.


Every passing year, a large number of people visit here across the globe just to see the ethnicity of actual India. It is not just about food or monuments, it is about hospitality which you will not see anywhere in the world except here. This blog is written by the experts of India Incredible which is one of the popular tour and travel companies that are known for its comprehensive Delhi sightseeing services.

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