May 22, 2024
Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Wedding Jewellery Ideas That Every Groom Must Try

A person’s wedding is one of the special moments in their lives that are treasured even decades afterwards. While the groom is enthusiastic about looking his best, the bride is concerned with choosing her jewellery and clothing. Everybody aspires to look their best. Indian wedding men frequently choose to appear in this way ethnically. They pick regal-style clothing and accessories in order to make an impact. Guests eagerly anticipate the bride and groom’s distinctive appearance and how well they complement one another. However, for many people, a gold ring can be the perfect option for the groom without having to worry about maang tikka or passa. Sometimes the future husband prefers not to wear jewellery.

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Wedding Jewellery


Girdle ties with fashionable crumb pleats or catches are another name for cummerbunds. This groom’s jewellery, which is typically offered in free sizes, has a maximum width of 7.5 inches and a total length of 31 inches. Its main function is to conceal your waist, and when worn, it makes you appear leaner and taller. On your wedding day, you can wear a cummerbund at your waist with the pleats facing up.

This means that your shirt and pants should be covered by half of your cummerbund, and your trousers should be across your navel. Matching with a bow tie improves your appearance even more.

Lapel Pins

These complete the decoration. Depending on your preferences, you can choose lapel pins that are subtly loud or extravagantly loud. Whichever you choose, this will continue to be one of the best accessories for enhancing the groom’s outfit’s design and characteristics.

This lapel pin is made of plated brass with an exterior that is available in a variety of colours, including silver, gold, and black. The pins are the perfect pieces of jewellery to bring a unique touch to wedding occasions. The pins not only aid in creating memories at weddings but also at other events like bachelor parties with friends and family.

Beautiful Emeralds

Because of their allure, everyone enjoys stunning and magnificent emeralds. The stunning neck jewellery is yet another ideal addition for grooms.

String Necklace

A stunning pearl necklace based on the latest diamond jewellery designs is a piece of groom jewellery that is said to be ideal for Indian weddings. You can purchase a fashionable moti mala to go with an Indo-Western sherwani, and this men’s necklace looks great with a sherwani. The set will be treasured in all of your jewellery collections. A huge selection of necklaces and malas are available in the market to help you achieve that elegant and royal wedding style.


Bracelets are frequently worn by grooms to lend a particular theme or style to their outfits. While there may be various causes, wearing one unquestionably enhances the overall appearance.

Buttons and Cufflinks

Jeweled cufflinks and buttons can give the groom’s attire a fancy appearance while adding a sparkly touch. In current times, the groom wears jewellery made of gold and diamonds.

Turban (Pagadi)

North Indian weddings require the use of turbans. Grooms wear a long, plain piece of unstitched fabric as a headpiece. The length of the substance can be altered, though. According to Indian tradition, the turban is associated with respect, a sense of pride, and a manly attitude. This is the fundamental justification for why the turban is a necessary component of Indian marriages.

Emeralds and Pearls Maala

It is currently the most popular groomsmen accessory. Usually, there are four or more strands of stacked pearls. It goes perfectly with clothing like kurtas, sherwanis, and wedding suites when emerald or ruby beads are used instead of pendants.

Turban Brooch

South Indian grooms have begun wearing turbans, which are typically worn at north Indian weddings. The ideal piece of groom jewellery to go with it is the kalgi, a brooch worn on the front of the turban. Turban brooches come in a variety of materials, including kundans, diamonds, and pearls. Ek kalangi is the name of a brooch, also known as a sarpech, with an upside-down design. Teen kalangi is the name of a brooch with three projections. The accessory ups the suave factor while softening the person’s overall demeanour.

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