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What is a High-Speed Blender, and why do you Need One?

High-Speed Blender

Scientific experiments have found that the intake of good food results in increased happiness levels. In earlier days, people used manual grinding and pounding tools to mix spices or prepare the batter. This consumed a great deal of time and effort.

In today’s world, no one has the patience or the time to whip up an elaborate, time-consuming meal. Hence, there was a necessity to modernize the kitchen with electrical equipment. A high-speed blender is a piece of equipment that operates a high-speed rotary blade and uses 1-1.5 kilowatts of power. It is used by homemakers, all over the world for processing food, daily. It has domestic and commercial uses. Hence, a modern kitchen without a blender is unimaginable.

The market is flooded with different types of blender. Some of the key features that require careful consideration before making a purchase are listed below: –

  • Ease of usage

  • Power Consumption

  • Blender Jars and Blade Types

  • Noise Levels

  • Pulsing Feature

  • Ease of Maintenance (without washer in the lid)

  • Safety Features

Apart from the product features, the buyer must also look out for the warranty and after-sales support available.

A high speed blender is used to overcome some daily culinary challenges, some of which are listed below:-

  • A puree of any vegetable or fruits

  • Batter of pancakes

  • Powder spices

  • Milling grains

  • Grinding nuts /coconut /garlic/onion/ ginger

  • Juices, ice creams, milkshakes, and smoothies

  • Crushing ice

An immersion blender can help you to make cake dough by rapidly blending sugar, flour, and egg. Cake dough will be much airier and smoother and holds up a lot better by making use of an immersion blender as against whipping by hand.

Mothers refuse to enter the kitchen without two gadgets, namely the high-speed blender and the pressure cooker. It has moved up in the priority list based on its wide-ranging uses. It saves time and money, enabling you to create restaurant-quality food at home. It helps mothers to feed their fussy kids with healthy & tasty recipes.

Studies have found that an exorbitant amount of money is spent especially by youngsters on eating outside. Even if you eat one meal at home you can save a substantial amount of your salary. In addition to savings, you can also enjoy the meal along with your family which helps in bonding and increases emotional wellbeing. A blender helps you in achieving these goals effortlessly.

Apart from this, there are certain health benefits of using high-speed blender for processing food. It takes less time to process food and also helps in absorbing the nutrients faster. In high-speed blenders, unlike juicers, fibre & minerals are not wasted.

Juicers work on the principle of obtaining juice from fruits or vegetables by shredding them into extremely small pieces and simultaneously separating the juice from the fibrous parts. The juice is essentially only an extract of the whole food and discards the fibrous parts as waste. Whereas, a blender turns fruits or vegetables into smoothie-like consistency while retaining the fibre and minerals which are essential for digestion.

Besides, the juice is absorbed into the body more quickly than if consumed as part of the whole fruit. Many nutritionists recommend limiting juice drinks in a day. This is done as they believe that because most juices are extremely high in fructose content which can lead to various health issues. This is less of an issue for fruits and vegetables processed through a high-speed blender, simply because it is the whole food that is consumed, even though it is emulsified. Besides, because the whole food with all of its fibre is digested more slowly, we find that a small amount of blended produce is all we need for lunch. This makes it an extremely healthier option to process the food.

Given all its benefits and advantages, we hope you consider investing in a high-speed blender soon.

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