Which Is The Best Mattress Type?

Are you wondering which mattress is good to buy these days? Since you are wandering in the market for a new mattress, it’s strongly suggested to check out the kind of improvements which has been made in the mattress world. One such outstanding improvement is that of a latex mattress.


A latex mattress is one of the most popular mattresses today, because of all of its sleeping benefits. And the best mattress company in India for latex mattresses is, no doubt, Morning Owl.

However, a little research is always suggested before you actually buy a mattress.

What’s your mattress criteria?

Some of you may be finding a comfortable mattress an some of you might put durability at the top of your criteria list. For others, sleeping on a safe mattress night be of prime importance. If you need a mattress for any of these requirements, a natural latex mattress is going to be your best buy.

How is a latex mattress made?

Latex mattresses are made of three type of materials — all natural, synthetic, and blended.

An all-natural latex mattress is produced using the sap of the rubber tree. The extraction includes natural antimicrobial qualities, proving this mattress to be very safe to sleep on. Since is mattress is 100% natural, you will never have to worry about breathing harmful chemicals while sleeping.

The synthetic latex mattress is produced using chemicals. This mattress is cheaper than an all-natural latex mattress. However, it is not as strong or as resilient as a 100% natural latex mattress. It can also prove to be unsafe to sleep on as it contains chemicals.

A blended latex mattress is produced using a combination of both types of latex stated above. These mattresses tend to have qualities of both natural and synthetic latex. However, the proportion of both is not equal. Since synthetic latex is cheaper, it is given a higher proportion in the making.

Thus, an all-natural latex can be considered the safest as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This indeed makes it a better mattress choice.

Natural latex = best sleep surface

One of the best qualities of natural latex is that it easily conforms to your body. This provides you with extreme comfort. And this is all that you all have been striving for, isn’t it? Since a natural latex mattress offers better support than a memory foam mattress, stomach and back sleepers benefit from this additional support. This mattress also provides cushioned comfort, especially for the side sleepers. Thus, no matter what your sleeping position is, a natural latex is always the answer to your question of which mattress is good for me.


  • No harmful chemicals = safe mattress
  • Keeps you cool
  • Incredible pressure point relief
  • Sustainable, thus better for the environment


  • Heavier and a bit more expensive than memory foam mattresses


Convinced enough to buy a 100% natural latex mattress? There is no doubt that a latex mattress will prove to be the best mattress you have ever bought for yourself. While buying, do remember to get it from the best mattress company in India to enjoy the best qualities.

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