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What Patients Need To Know About The IVF Procedure Cost In India?

This is one of the most common questions which people ask about IVF is that what is the IVF procedure cost in India. IVF procedure cost is the main concern of the patients who want to have their own baby with IVF treatment. Yes, it is really very expensive procedure so having cost a concern is great. You should know about the IVF procedure cost in India before adopting this option to have your own child.


The cost of the medications for this procedure can vary and it can be depended upon the number of injections you need for the success of the procedure.

Usually, the things which are included in IVF procedure cost in India are:

  • Anesthesia for retrieval of egg
  • Procedure for embryo transfer
  • Fertilization
  • Ovarian stimulation monitoring and much more

As you know that the procedure is really very costly so ask your doctor if you can have your own baby with the help of IUI treatment as it is less expensive and sometimes a great treatment for the infertile patients.

Why the cost of the IVF procedure is so high?

Most of the patients don’t get pregnant in the first cycle of the IVF treatment, This is the major reason for the higher cost of the IVF treatment. DO you know that the IVF procedure cost is still far lower than that of other countries? The cost of IVF depends upon the number of IVF cycles required to get pregnant. In most of the cases, 2 to 3 cycles are required to get pregnant and only in a few cases, one gets pregnant in the first cycle.

India now has the latest technology of fertility with the impressive IVF fertility doctors so you don’t have to go anywhere else out from the country. Get it done in your country and have your own baby.

Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam, is the Medical Director of Corion Fertility Clinic. Having been in the field of Assisted Reproduction for the past fifteen years, Dr. Kadam has a number of pregnancies to her credit. She is known for her expertise in this field as well as for her skill in performing good embryo transfers. Official Website -

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