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Why Are More NRIs Buying Villas in India?

Villas in India

Most people would answer this question with a statement: the pandemic. And this is to an extent true, the new need to remain at home has made owning a larger, more luxurious home a goal for many, but for those who have moved abroad from India, it’s a sign of success. Regardless of whether they live in the villa or if they invest in the villa, or if it’s just a holiday home, NRI’s are loving returning to India in style, and beyond just the pandemic, there are many other reasons, as known by architects in Coimbatore.

Buyers Want Luxury

When it comes to what non-residents want, the answer is luxury. They want the trending gated villa type style they see in architecture magazines and often want a mix of modern and traditional to truly give them a social media worthy home to love.

People nowadays dream of living in state-of-the-art homes with all the right amenities, tree lined driveways and enough spaces to entertain all year round, be it indoors or outdoors.

Global Exposure Means Demand

Thanks to the internet, there is a demand for global travel and when people travel abroad, they want to be exposed to different styles of living and embed themselves into the culture, but often travellers want to do this with as much comfort as possible. Due to this, designers are forced to keep up with the design trends coming onto the market and the Indo-Western style is no different. This is what has seen the rise of staycation villas becoming a trend for the comfort-oriented traveller.

Quality Architecture Matters

A unique feature of villa architecture is the current trend to blend living rooms into private gardens, giving the resident the feeling of nature flowing into their home, while also having more scope for entertainment. This new trend is what gives the airy, relaxed feel that we’re seeing come onto the market. Not only does this allow for more comfortable living, it allows for more peaceful living too, and after the pandemic this is important to many who may even work partially from home.

Quiet Moments & Security

It’s a dream to have the option of a safe and secure home that offers peace after coming home from a busy day. A villa lets you live quietly and with relaxation in mind, far away from the noise of traffic and a busy neighbourhood allows you to unwind and relax in the privacy of your own home. In addition, luxury villas often come with some high-end security and integrated amenities to make a more seamless living experience.

Where Are They Buying From?

When NRI’s come to India, they’re often choosing the company they’ve been referred to: Radvi. Radvi is unique as they offer a full list of services designed just for NRIs with a focus on above board property management, land ownership, building and architecture. If you want to build or invest in property in a safe and legal manner from abroad, Radvi is the best choice.

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