Why RO Or UV Water Purifier Had Been So Popular Till Now?

RO Or UV Water Purifier

Water is one of the fundamental needs of every living being. Due to the continuously increasing population and pollution, this essential and natural resource has become either contaminated or has become limited. Several measures have been taken to save this precious resource. Apart from this, advanced and modern technologies have been introduced to recycle or reuse drinking water.

Water Purifiers are one of the best ways to treat water impurities. A water purifier is based on the latest technology and used across the world to make water having impurities fit for drinking. Increasing the use of water purifiers has drawn the attention of many companies into this industry. Although there are ample options in the market to clean water but water purifier is the best option among all. Increasing awareness about water pollution has moved everybody to buy one of the best water purifiers for their family.  Everyone wants to have the best water purifier that prevents their families from various kinds of waterborne diseases.

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier?

The selection of the water purifier depends on TDS (total dissolved solids) level in drinking water coming in your area. TDS present in water is defined as the total amount of ions, including minerals, salts, and metals dissolved in water. TDS with a value higher than 500 ppm is considered as hard and contaminated. And hard or contaminated water is unsafe for human use. RO water purifiers are regarded as the best with water having high TDS value but low microbial contamination.  UV water purifiers are best for water, having low TDS levels but high level of microbial contamination.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RO & UV water purifiers

  • RO water purifier

Here RO stands from Reverse Osmosis. An RO water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India. It is the best water purifier to treat water containing a high concentration of dissolved salts. This water purification system removes the dissolved water impurities and solids, but this water purifier is not much effective in the case of microbial contamination. An Aquaguard RO Service uses the RO membrane, which is like semi-permeable in the membrane, and it filters all viruses, bacteria, and other poisonous chemicals like pesticides and metals.


  • RO water purifier is the best solution to treat hard water and convert it into soft water
  • This form of water purifier is suitable for the removal of metals like lead, mercury, Chlorine, Arsenic, etc. cause harm to different parts of the human body. RO water purifier removes water impurities based on their molecular size
  • An RO water purifier is the best for eliminating Cryptosporidium, which is a parasitic coccidian protozoan and causes intestinal infection. Cryptosporidium is manly found in lakes, rivers, and drinking water
  • Along with the removal of heavy metal, an RO water purifier also removes other forms of water pollutant like microbial contamination

UV Water purifier

This water purifier which is based on Ultra-violate rays (UV). Due to having high penetration capacity, this water purifier is considered as one of the devices for treating microbial contamination. A UV water purifier eliminates all the microbial contamination present in the water. In a UV water purifier, UV rays removing lamp is used, which penetrates the microbe and destroy their genetic material. As a result of that microbe either lost their life or reproduction capacity. This water purifier only removes the microbial contamination and doesn’t deal with another form of water contamination. Thus UV water purifier is suitable for that area where the microbial contamination is high as compare to TDS concentration.


  • UV water purifiers do not require high and regular maintenance because of having long-lasting filter life
  • It is one of the effective water purification systems which removes all pathogens and microbes that can cause waterborne diseases in human
  • This water purifier doesn’t use any chemical to treat water contamination thus don’t change the taste and odor of the water
  • Comparatively a UV water purifier doesn’t need high electricity
  • It takes less time to purify water

Factor You Should Consider While Having A Water Purifier

If you are planning to buy a water purifier, then there is some factor which you need to consider before purchasing the best water purifier. These factors are

  • Types of Water Purifier

Most of the water purifier is based on the RO, UV, and RO+UV combination. Most of the time, people get confused that water purifier is suitable for them. So these issues can be solved by knowing your regularly used water. Like if your regular used water contains high TDS, then install RO of if microbial contamination is high then go for UV. You can also go for RO+UV combined water purifier as it ensures 100% safe and healthy water all the time you wish to drink.

  • Capacity Of Water Purifier

Water purifiers are available in various sizes and abilities; thus, you can install best according to your choice. The selection of suitable water purifiers is essential for feeding all the members of the family with the right amount of pure and healthy water. Based on capacity, the selection of the right water purifier depends upon the number of family members and daily consumption of water for drinking purposes.

  • Brands Of Water Purifier

With the increasing demands of water purifiers, most of the company has introduced its water purifier. Thus a large variety of water purifiers are present in the market. You can choose the best brands which offer hassle-free service experience for both pre and post-sales.

  • Price Of The Water Purifier

Along with the above-listed factor, water purifier price also plays an essential role during the selection of the water purifier. Thus before buying a purifier, make your budget and then choose the best suitable among the range of water purifiers.

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