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Yoga and Pilates to Improve the Quality of the Breath


Lots of people are turning to mind body practices like yoga and pilates to improve the quality of the breath.  Lung health is a popular topic because many people struggle with problems breathing as we are in this era of coronavirus.   A lot of people who had covid are now having problems with breathing after.  With all the prevalence of vapes and smoking, a lot of people are struggling with finding a high quality of breath so learning how yoga can improve your breathing is a hot topic.

There are many yoga practices that focus exclusively on the breath that can help you to learn how to breathe properly and fully.  So often people work against their own bodies with improper breath techniques.  Another thing that happens quite often is that people do not breath fully and utilize their full lung capacity.  This can be very damaging for the quality and function of the breath.  Sometimes people are taking shorter inhales or shorter exhales and not fully taking in as much oxygen as the lungs can actually hold or not releasing completely.

Not only are their practices for yoga and breathwork that can help to make the breath higher quality and more helpful for the body, but there are specific yoga and breathwork practices that are helpful for very specific ailments, problems and issues that people face.  Yoga for hair loss and breathwork for hair loss is something that has recently become an emerging topic in the yoga community and in the hair loss community.  So many people are turning to yoga and yoga breathwork for their hair loss issues.

Yoga can be so helpful to improve the quality of the breath and the quality of breath leads to the quality of life.  When you can’t breathe, you can’t really experience a good life quality because you are struggling to just breathe and take in oxygen.  Oxygen is a vital thing for you to stay alive, so if you are not even able to breathe the right way, there is no way you will have a good quality of life.  When you can improve your quality of breath, then your life opens up to be able to focus on other things.

Then you are able to focus on the things that are most important in life, like vacationing, exercising, spending time with family.  When you have a high quality of breath, then you can exercise which is important for your health.  If you cannot breathe the right way, there is no way you can engage in a healthy exercise routine.  You will be distracted by focusing on your breath and trying to find a rhythm of breath that makes sense for you.

In yoga, you can even use breath work for energy.  There are breathing practices for energizing like Kapalabhati.  This is rapid breathing that focuses on exhales and helps you to really get your energy levels up.  It is helpful to engage in this type of breathing and breath work when you are feeling down or depressed or have very low levels of energy.  It can rev things up for you.

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