Advantages of Geodesic Dome Shaped Large Event Tents

Geodesic dome shaped large event tents are gaining momentum on a global scale. From light festival in Guangzhou, China to Audi promotions in Barcelona and Madrid, geodesic domes are making a name in all leading sectors. Here are a few advantages of choosing a geodesic dome shaped tent for your next large event.

  1. Perfectly capable of shedding weather elements

There is a reason why dome shaped tents are becoming popular in the country. It is because they can withstand severe weather without a hitch. Geodesic domes are shaped to shed snow and rain. It does not collect rain water like traditional pole tents that can collapse with the weight.

Domes are known to be one of the strongest structures designed by man and geodesic dome tents take the structural stability a step further. These structures are naturally resistant to weather forces since they lack flat surfaces. This allows rain, snow, wind, and other elements to cleanly pass around the dome.

  1. Extremely energy efficient

If you have ever held a large event, you would be familiar with the shock of energy bills at an event. The glaring lights, fans, projector systems, and sound systems are all energy consuming devices. However, dome shaped tents are a blessing. Their unique shape allows them to consume only a quarter of energy as compared to a traditional rectangular shaped structure of the same size.

One of the foremost areas where energy is saved in domes is temperature control. Their round-shape allows for even temperature and more efficient air circulation. This proves to be beneficial in maintaining a comfortable environment regardless of whether it is hot or freezing outside.

  1. Lightweight and portable

Most event planners swear by geodesic dome shaped tents since these structures can literally be set up anywhere in minimal time. An experienced team would need only 3 – 4 hours to set up a structure with the capacity of accommodating 200 people.

The best part about these structures is that they are highly durable and structurally stable. The materials used may be light-weight, but they are strong. In fact, a whole crew can climb the skeleton while setting it up without collapsing.

  1. Countless Uses

If you happen to purchase a geodesic dome tent, you literally have countless options to use it. These tents can be used for anything from regular corporate promotions to pop-up museums. You can even use it for immersive experiences. In fact, experts are of the opinion that goggles are not the future of Virtual Reality. It is dome-shaped tents that allows for shared human interactive experience.

Where uses and advantages of geodesic large event tents are concerned, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Other advantages including structural stability and durability make it a winner.

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