June 17, 2024

Healthy Food/beverages to Add to your Diet

Even the biggest coffee lovers in the world can’t deny the health benefits of tea. Throughout the years and through numerous scientific studies, tea has been found to potentially help ward off cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

As we usually read so many contents about a healthy lifestyle is aLifestyle Food Blogwe often get confused about which tips are best and effective for our body. When it comes to delicious teas there are different tea variety out there in the market including lemon honey, ginger and more. But today, through this article we will help you know four healthy teas to add in your daily lifestyle to improve your metabolism, sleep, reduce anxiety and stress while also lowering your blood sugar levels if taken without milk and sugar. These teas are good for both the mind and body.


This powdered green tea may reduce people’s anxiety. A new study shows that matcha helps activate two feel-good chemical systems in the body.

Try whisking a spoon of green tea powder into a cup of hot water, then adding a squeeze of lemon juice.

GABA Oolong

Gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) which is found in some teas is a chemical plays a role in the nervous system. Drinking this tea every morning that contains GABA may help you reduce stress. You can order it online from brands such as Harney & Sons and Floating leaves. You can find more information about healthy morning drinks in theTop Women Lifestyle Blogsavailable on the Internet.


Chamomile tea is well known for helping people sleep better at night. But new researchers stated that it may also have benefits for people with diabetes. Drinking a cup of Chamomile tea after every meal may help balance glucose levels in your blood, say several recent studies.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a mixture of peppermint plants leaves and it does not contain any caffeine. If you usually have certain problems pertaining to sleep such as insomnia, or a lack of peaceful sleep, drinking peppermint teat will help cure such problems. Peppermint herb contains vitamins such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins such as A & C. Peppermint tea helps in reducing headaches, menstrual cramps, improves digestion and fight bacterial infections.

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Fruit Canned in Syrup

The reason this type of fruits like pineapple, strawberries is so yummy? Sugar, sugar and more. When fruit is canned in syrup that means that sugar has been added to the fruit. If you like the convenience of canned fruit, here’s some good news. ‘’They aren’t housed in that syrupy mixture. Just make sure to read the ingredients to make sure a product is canned either in 100% juice or water’’ says Gorin. Neither of these canned contain added sugars.

Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

This is another product that contains hydrogen gas. Plus powdered or non-dairy liquid creamers also contain high-fructose corn syrup which resulted in increased liver fat and artificial sweeteners which have been linked to a variety of gastrointestinal problems.

Diet Soda

Diet soda is packed with artificial sweeteners which are the main culprit behind why we have to avoid soda drinks. Those can be even worse than actual sugar, saysPhoenix lifestyle bloggers. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to both cancer and gastrointestinal issues and aspartame- a key ingredient in soft drinks has also been linked to the development of diabetes.

Low Fat Peanut Butter

Nut butter is great for us, in large because they contain beneficial unsaturated fats. But when you start to take out the fat peanut butter, you not only lower the amount of heart-healthy fats that you will be getting but may also end up getting a product with extra sugar and filler ingredients. These ingredients are added in butter to compensate for the fat is removed.

White Flour- Based Cereal

Yes, those sugary-sweet colorful breakfast cereals are delicious, but look out for whether they’re made with white flour. These cereals are low in nutrition and high in refined carbohydrates which means that they don’t fill you up and they can cause a drop in blood sugar. It can contribute to low energy, mood swings and cravings. Instead, go for high fiber cereal like Bran Flakes.

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