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The entire process of document attestation is to make the certificate legalized when the applicant is planning to go abroad. The person applying needs to submit the actual certificates and the photocopies to the consecutive authorities when applying for the employment visa or spousal visa or family visa.

The procedure of attestation is a tiring and confusing procedure since it has to undergo the entire verification from the concerned government establishments.

Regulations to be followed

As stated by the UEA regulations, a document must be seen by the ‘UAE Embassy attestation’ from the consecutive authority of the home country from where the original and actual certificates have been issued.

By receiving the official seal from the UAE embassy, it proves that the certificates are legit and authentic. The UAE attestation from home country is crucial for getting further attestation from the external affairs ministry in UAE. UAE embassy attestation is used for the following documents:

  1. Certificates for marriage
  2. Certificates for education
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Certificates of transfer
  5. Experience certificates
  6. Divorce documents

To get a document verified from UAE embassy in India, the person applying should follow these steps:

  • A confirmation from notary
  • Home department attestation
  • Attestation of the MEA
  • Attestation from UAE Embassy in the capital

To legalize the documents in the UAE, the documents must be attested from the foreign affair ministry in UAE after the UAE embassy attestation from home country. It is advised to consult renowned attestation services for any kind of support in such cases.

Importance of attestation

Your certificates need to get attested from the government offices in India if you are planning to visit foreign nations like UAE or Malaysia or Oman. Many people want to go for job or education to other countries like UAE. They will have to check the procedure of the UAE embassy attestation.

Why you need professional help

You may consider getting certificates attested by the embassy and in that case you can do it by contacting a professional agency that deals in these kinds of activities. People go for job opportunities in foreign nations for securing a good career and this is the reason that the certificates attestation service is getting popularity at a good pace.

To get your attestation service done there are fees that needs to be paid and the cost will differ on the basis of the past verifications done. That won’t be an issue! The real problem is to see that all the documents attested are actually authentic and real. It is a fact that many of the unauthorized agents are present and they will offer the attestation services that are not authentic. So, you need to choose judiciously.

Authenticity is the key

Applicant need to look for authentic and real attestation companies. The ideal company will complete in a good amount of time and will make sure you get them in the desired way. You can always check the documents of the company to make sure that the company is not a fake agency. There are some really good companies for Certificate attestation in Delhi. You can seek their help in case you need the help of an attestation service agency. Attestations do take time, but the wait is worthy, when you build association with a reputed and reliable service provider.

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