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Benefits of Social Networking Mobile Apps in Business

Social Networking Apps

Social Networking applications have covered an immense part of our life as well as the application market in this modern era. Social application numbers are increasing constantly and their rate of growth was unpredicted. This is because the advent of the internet draws the path for the arrival of social media. Once after its visit, the entire online world has been ruled by these social media.

From the young to the old, almost everyone wants to be part of social media because everyone prefers to be fame and for that, they choose this social media as their weapon. Moreover, it has been used even for education and also utilized in marketing. Social media like Facebook, Twitter has become mighty for marketing and communication.

So, every business owners use these tactics to lead their business successfully. But, when it comes to internet usage, 60% of people accessing the internet only through their mobile phones and the apps in it. This is the major factor for the booming in social networking app development. If you are one among them, you are the right to read this blog.

Growth of Social Media:

According to a statistic, there are about 4.39 billion peoples are using the internet across the world. In that, more than 3.5 billion peoples are using social media. Moreover, 3.26 billion peoples are accessing their social media via smartphones. These amazing facts appear as the major reason for business people to get interested in social media application development process.

What is Social Media App?

Social media is an online platform in which people creates their profile and get connected to other people either it may be their friends or others for a different purpose. People utilize this powerful weapon to share information like career interests, their needs, thoughts and much more to make good use of these platforms.

How Social Apps benefits in business?

Without marketing the business in social media, it will be the toughest job to reach a wide audience. Only your usual customers will find a path to your brand by searching the same keywords that you already rank for. So it makes us clear that without using social media as a marketing strategy, you will face several difficulties to reach anyone outside of your loyal customer circle

These apps assets the business people to convey their business-related updates to a wide audience. Moreover, it helps in branding the products or services to the customers as well as to the general audience. Keeps you to get connect with your client’s all the time. By using social networking apps, every entrepreneur gets benefits in n number of ways.

Currents Trends of Social Media:

When it comes to social media, being updated with trending topics is one of the finest ways to acquire a huge number of audience. In that case, here are some social media trends to pay attention while creating an application.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots:

Well, artificial intelligence and chatbots are not a new one to social media. But demand and hunger for these two topics keep on increasing. So integrating these two features will create a huge impact among your audience which will later turn towards your brand.

Live Streaming:

Users prefer to watch live videos on social media. This makes them stay on the app for a long period. Almost every social media application upholds this feature.

Video posting:

Today, video content reach a wider way when compared to the written post. This is because reading a post will consume more time than watching a video. Moreover, visual information is much to perceive.

Ephemeral content:

It is nothing but a type of content or any video which will be live for up to 24 hours and then it will disappear. Well, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat are the leaders in this case. These stories will increase the time people spend on these social apps daily.

Focus on new generation:

According to research, it has been proved that most of the social media users are youngsters. If you think how to create a social media app now, make sure you analyzed the need of the new influential group.

Once after reading about the trends, the next thing you must do is to know about the app features.

Features to consider while building a social media app:

Every Social media application must uphold at least one unique feature make a difference from other competitors. Here are some must-have features which should be integrated with the social media apps are listed below

  1. Post Creation
  2. Post like
  3. Feed
  4. Social notification
  5. User profile
  6. Push notification module
  7. Chat
  8. Social Authorization

All these are the minimum needs to be built to make your product be a social media application.


Now you will have a complete idea to build a social media app. But it doesn’t mean that this knowledge about the app development will make your process development process simple. This kind of social media apps should be given equal concern for developing as well as for maintaining. To balance this two, you will be required, experienced mobile app developers.

In that case, if you are looking for such kind of experienced one for your project, then feel free to get connect with MacAndro. Being a top social networking app development company, MacAndro offers innovative ideas that make your requirements and thoughts real through their app development services.

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