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Get the Best Hottest 8 Inch Wigs With Luvme Hair

8 Inch Wigs With Luvme Hair

Many different wig lengths exist in the market and can be short, medium, or long. The 8 inch wigs fall into the short wig category but differs from seven or nine inches. Seven is shorter, while nine is longer. When it comes to styling, the little numbers could make the difference.

This guide will educate you on all you need to know about Luvme Hair’s 8-inch wig. You’ll learn the different types there are and the styling possibilities.

Luvme Hair is a top fashion store known for its high-quality wigs. It has them in different kinds, including 8-inch wigs. A visit to the website will expose you to the numerous possibilities on offer.

What are 8 Inch Wigs?

An 8-inch wig is any type that’s exactly 8 inches long. It doesn’t matter whether it’s human or synthetic hair. Human hair 8-inch wig only feels and bounces more naturally and is more expensive.

A straight 8-inch wig will stop at chin level. However, wavy and curly textures won’t reach your chin and will only reach below your eyes. The reason is that wigmakers measure the wigs before the waves and curls and not after them. If you want to buy a curly or wavy wig that reaches your chin, go for a much longer unit.

An 8-inch wig could come in many types, such as lace wigs like frontals, closures, and 360 lace wigs. You could also get them in headband wigs and many others. It’s also available in numerous densities and colors.

What are the Types of 8-Inch Wigs At Luvme Hair?

Here are some types of 8-inch wigs at Luvme Hair.

1.   Frontal Lace Wigs

A lace frontal is a type of lace wig with a sheer lace base attached to the front. Wigmakers hand sow hair strands into this lace base to make the hairline realistic. It’s available in numerous textures and densities and is one of your best options if you want an 8-inch wig with a natural hairline.

2.   Lace Closures

Lace closures also have lace at the front but are smaller than lace front wigs. Frontals have the lace extending from ear to ear down to the wig’s crown, while closures only have a selected area in the middle of the lace, usually 5×5 inches. You can also use closures to achieve a natural look.

3.   Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are another type you can get in 8 inches. These wigs are like regular ones, but you use headbands to disguise the hairline. You can use the wig with many stylish headbands.

4.   360 Lace Wigs

A 360 lace wig has lace encircling the cap in a 360-degree fashion. The hair on the lace is hand sown by expert wigmakers making it incredibly natural. You can style it better than closures and frontals because you get more lace. However, it’s also more expensive.

Wigs With Luvme Hair

Why Should You Buy an 8-Inch Wig?

Here are some benefits of buying an 8-inch wig.

1.   It’s Inexpensive

The price of a human hair wig is directly proportional to its length. It will cost you far less to buy an 8-inch wig than you would a 14 inches one. Therefore, you’re saving your money while also ensuring that you purchase stylish units.

2.   It’s Easy to Style

You don’t have to worry about complex styles with an 8-inch wig. The simple ones are the most effective, and you’ll look adorable.

3.   Easy to Maintain

You must wash and condition your 8-inch wig like you would do long ones to ensure that it lasts well. However, you’ll spend less on buying maintenance products and save time. It’s a great option if you’re busy and don’t have all day to spend on maintenance.

4.   It’s Great for Summer

Summer is hot, and a bulky long wig will only make you warmer and more uncomfortable. A short 8-inch wig will keep you cool and let you enjoy your outdoors peacefully. Not to mention that the long flowy strands won’t get in the way.

How to Choose the Right 8-Inch Wig For You?

●     Type

What you intend to achieve with the wig should influence the type. Lace wigs are your best if you want a natural-looking hairline. A 360 lace wig and full lace wigs are the peak of natural-looking wigs.

You can explore other wig types if you want a short wig to enhance your look. If you fancy accessories, you should consider headband wigs.

●     Color

Color is another aspect to consider. It’s best to go with a color that complements your skin color. If you want a bold and striking look, dye your human hair an 8-inch wig.

●     Texture

The texture isn’t difficult to navigate as well. Go for what you love but remember that curly and wavy are shorter. Your preferred style could also influence the texture, as bob wigs work best with straight hair.

●     Density

Density is the volume of hair present in the wig. It’s best not to go more than 150% density with an 8-inch wig unless you want the unit to appear too bulky.

How to Style Your 8-Inch Wigs?

There aren’t many styling options for an 8-inch wig, but the available ones are adorable. You can wear the wig in a bob style. A short bob wig is cut straight at the base for a stylish look. You can amplify your look by combining it with bangs or a layered look.

A bang wig is another way to style the wig. It entails having part of the hair let free so it can drop down and cover your forehead. You can explore the numerous bang styles, including blunt bangs, curtain bangs, side-swept bangs, wispy bangs, or feathered bangs.

Shag is another hairstyle that’ll look stunning with an 8-inch wig. It’s a style in which the hair is cut in a heavily layered manner to give it a messy look. The style is best for ladies who want something different from the regular.


An 8-inch wig is an uncommon length, but you can use it to accentuate your outlook if you make the right moves. Understand that it’s easier to style your human hair 8-inch wig however you want than synthetic. Also, it’s a short wig and won’t cost as much as long ones. You can explore the numerous 8-inch wig options at the Luvme Hair website.

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