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Butterfly Yoga Pose: Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

In today’s perspective, the muscles of your legs must be strong for the whole day due to rush and hectic life schedule. But due to lack of exercise, and you start to gain fat around your thighs or leg area. Due to which the shape of your feet worsens and problems of foot pain etc. begin.

Therefore, if butterfly posture is practiced in the morning, then it becomes good practice for the muscles of the feet and the muscles are also strong.

Butterfly posture is also called Buddha Konasana which means that in this yoga, we are holding the soles of both the legs near the genitals, with the help of hands, holding them at a special angle. During the posture, it is also called butterfly posture because of the movement of the feet, just looks like the moving butterfly. 

So let’s know how to do butterfly yoga, what are the benefits, steps, and precautions –

Benefits of Butterfly yoga pose

1- Regular practice of butterfly posture makes your body flexible and helps us to do other yoga poses. By doing this yoga, your body and muscles become flexible and strong. This practice is very beneficial for those who have problems sitting with their legs folded.

2- Butterfly asana is very beneficial during pregnancy. By doing this, the pain during delivery is reduced. Pregnant women can start this asana from the first trimester. With this asana, the tension of the lower back of your body and the inner part of the thighs is reduced and the flexibility of the knees also increases.

3- With this easy blood flow in the feet is fine. By doing this asana in arthritis and joint pain, there is a lot of relief.

4- Butterfly posture is very beneficial for those people who have the problem of sitting with their legs folded.

5- By doing the butterfly posture, the tension in the muscles of the thighs is reduced, so if the butterfly posture is done after standing or walking for a long time, it removes the fatigue of the feet.

6- Regular practice of butterfly asanas enables the body to perform further yogas related to the feet.

7- For those who have to work standing for all day, or always walk, this asana gives you the ultimate benefit.

8- Butterfly posture is also beneficial for women who have menstrual problems.

9- This asana has a positive effect on the urinary tract or system.

10- Practice this asana every day, your reproductive system also starts functioning smoothly.

Steps of doing Butterfly Yoga Pose

Step 1: Place a blanket on a flat spot and sit on it. Spread both legs in the front, now bend both legs and mix both the soles of the feet together.

Step 2: Hold the toes with both your hands and try to bring your heels closer to the body.

Step 3: Your hands should be straight and keep the body completely straight. So that the spine is also straightened.

Step 4: Breathe at normal speed and bring the knees of both the legs together upwards and then bring them down. While doing so, try not to touch the ground.

Step 5: In this way, move your feet up and down continuously to 20-25 times, taking care not to jerk.

Step 6: After this, straighten the legs slowly and leave the body loose for some time.

Precautions need to keep in mind while doing Butterfly Yoga Pose

  1. If you are suffering from a wound or knee injury, then keep a blanket under the thighs for support. Do not do this mudra at all without a blanket.
  1. Psychotic patients do not do this posture or keep the cushion or pillow under their hips.
  1. If you have trouble in the lower back, do this posture by keeping the spine straight.
  1. Practicing the butterfly posture is a very beneficial activity, but those who have pain in the cyst, back, should not practice this asana.
  1. If you feel pain in your knees while doing exercises, to reduce the pain, you can take a soft cloth and keep it between the knees, it will not cause pain.
  1. You can practice this asana with your daily yogasanas at sunrise in the morning.
  2. Pregnant women should practice this asana only after consulting their doctor.

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You can experience bliss by practicing butterfly yoga posture. Hope you have received the necessary information about the “Butterfly Yoga posture” from the above article.

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