June 22, 2024

10 Creative Ways to Store Your Memories of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is incredibly one of the best experiences. It is important to record the memories so we can look back and remember our college abroad experiences. There are many ways to record important moments of your life as an international student. Here are the top suggestions for college students to store memories of studying abroad in a creative way.

1. Click Photographs

It might sound obvious. Memories captured inside a photograph can take you to a flashback. When something interesting or unique is happening around you, take your camera out, click a few pictures, and then continue to take in your surroundings in person. Capture your first day of College to the first meal in a new country, and the first outing with your new-made friends, all these moments and store on drives, cloud, or social media. Your memories will hardly fade.

2. Scrapbook memories

Creating a scrapbook is the most time-consuming yet at the same time, it is a cheerful activity. Print out some of your most memorable photographs and paste them with the date and title in a book. A small paragraph about the picture can be written near each photo such as background, place, emotions, etc. The pages can be bound using a thread to optimize the aesthetics.

The best thing about a scrapbook is that you can store your whole study abroad experience. Not only by adding the photographs but also postcards, stickers, boarding passes, ticket stubs, notes, etc. The memories will jump out when you pick up your scrapbook. It just takes a little bit of work.

3. Polaroids

Polaroids are a great way to pile up your memories with your abroad friends. A picnic, a BBQ, camping, or when you go on a simple jog with your housemate or college mate, can all be captured and instantly printed. Later on, your polaroid photos can go into scrapbooks or can be used to decorate your bedroom. Polaroids can be looked at after your study abroad journey ends as they will last forever.

4. Making small videos

Pictures just give you visuals of memories, but videos will give you visuals and sounds of the memories. If you are a person who loves moving pictures or videos, your best option is to create small videos. In the end, you can put all the small videos together and edit them out using editing software or various applications out there. After years, these videos can be played and you won’t regret the time and effort that went into shooting these memories.

5. Study abroad diary

We can forget some of our memories after a few months or years. It is better to write down your experiences when they are fresh in your head. Write all the funny, sad, happy, and surprising moments you felt each day in your notebook with the date. And years later, you will be able to look back and recall all of the wonderful and unique opportunities that you had while you are pursuing your Study Abroad Programs and that’s worth the extra time it takes to write about it!

6. Start a collection

A creative way to save all of your experiences abroad is to collect things abroad around a common theme. This is among the easiest ways to keep part of your travel experience with you forever because you will have a memorial from each place you go. You can collect anything from currency to magnets, or even soccer jerseys. If you wish to collect heavier items just make sure you have enough space in your luggage to bring it all home.

7. Weekly vlogs

Shooting everyday things you do every day for a week and compiling them into weekly vlogs can be another special way to record your memories. You can upload these videos on your social media accounts and share all these wonderful memories with your friends, peers, or your followers who are dreaming of studying abroad. You will be amazed to watch these videos for many years to come.

8. Keep your receipts.

You can save a couple of your receipts paid while pursuing your Education Abroad. You can keep Travel tickets, Restaurant bills, Shopping bills, Entry passes, etc. It will remind you of where you were, what you bought, and how much you spent. This is one of the unique ideas of storing your memories of studying abroad.

9. Background music/songs

Music can have a deep impact on our memories songs or music can be added to any of your videos or moving pictures if that song has a special meaning behind your memory. You can also create playlists that make you remember your time spent abroad. Use your recording app to record the sound of the streets and restaurants you visit the most in the new country. So you can hear back the sound of the language and unfamiliar sounds of the country you studied in.

10. Be in touch

The friends you make while studying abroad will be your friends forever. Stay in touch with them. Keep recalling your memories now and then. This will keep all your study abroad memories alive in your mind and heart. This will make it impossible for you to forget them.

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so it is important to store these memories safely in some way so you can cherries them even after years. Whichever method you choose, one thing is for certain: Wherever you will look back, you will smile and be proud of yourself because you “survived” a semester abroad.

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