Determining the Size of the Choral Risers for an Outstanding Performance

Choral Risers

Are you wondering where your choir group should stand for the upcoming performance? When you’re planning to arrange a group of performers, you will need a choral riser. A choral riser looks like a set of benches arranged one after the other. The second bench is slightly more elevated than the first while the third is the tallest. Of course, you can choir riser rental Los Angeles with more than three benches. A choral riser is one of those things which you should consider hiring instead of buying. Not all music and concert events that you arrange will be a choir.

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Knowing the space

The problem that event managers face regarding choir management is calculating the size of the riser. Experts understand this fact, and they have the solutions that will help you arrange a choir performance immaculately. However, there are some things that you have to do as well. Firstly, you have to know the dimensions of the performance area. You need precise measurements of the venue, whether it is a ballroom or an outdoor stage. Use a tape measure to ascertain the dimensions. It will be wise if you could feed the measurement values to a CAD drawing. If you want, then you can also create a sketch on a grid paper.

Municipality directions

Once you measure out your venue, you need to concentrate on what the municipality of the area has to say. A renowned company of pa sound systems rental reminds its clients of this necessity. If the event is a private one, then you may not face any issues at all. However, for rented areas or public events, it is crucial to know the requirements of the regional fire marshal. If you and your rental company fulfill the needs, then the fire marshal will give the green light. The minimum necessities are the aisle width, height before safety rail, step height, and the width of the fire lanes. A few municipalities will ask you to submit a drawing to the fire marshal. Only then you get the approval for the event.

Some uses

Now you have to consider what you will do with the choral riser. You need to think of ways of using this piece of furniture. You have to ascertain whether the choir will stand or sit while performing. Then, you have to think about whether you need some extra room for the orchestra. The musicians can stand or sit with the choir, or they can stay in the front. After that, you have to pay attention to the audience. You must decide whether the line-of-sight will play a significant factor or not. Finally, you will choose either a narrow performance space with high tiers or wide performance area with low levels.

Uniformity of sound

Everyone who arranges choirs strives to achieve the most uniform sound. You try to allow singers to sing naturally and comfortably. Experienced choir managers say that acoustic positioning of singers fosters better tones. It also places singers at comfortable positions to perform their songs. You can consult with the professionals of the rental company for choir placement ideas.

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