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Home Wi-Fi Troubles and How to Fix Them: Expert Guide


Let me paint you a pretty picture, It’s a long weekend, you’ve been waiting for this since long and all you want to do right now is to binge-watch the latest season of your favorite show! You open Netflix (hopefully you have Netflix) and the loading wheel never stops loading! It keeps rolling and rolling until you get frustrated. That’s what puts a stopper to what could have been a great weekend.

Your worst fears have come true, Your “High-speed Internet” is down and no one knows for how long. You can’t stream, you can’t go on social media. No need to worry, your night isn’t ruined you can still binge-watch whatever you wish to watch. It’s easy to do basic troubleshooting on your own! If you don’t know how to? Then we’ve got you covered.

How to Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems

Not just bad reception, but a lot of things cause slow internet. Here are all the problems and how you can solve them:

  • Slow Connection

The most common you face with your Wi-Fi is that it’s too slow. You cannot load pages, images on social media or stream online movies and shows. You can experience slow speeds in peak hours, but if your Wi-Fi is constantly slow, then it can infuriating. Here’s how you can fix this problem.

You can either, Use a different device, upgrade your internet package or change your router.

Use a Different Device

You can try to use a different device whenever you face a slow internet speed. Old phones with old software and low RAM can’t really take heavy internet usage! Let’s say you are like all of us who like to multitask, then you should use a phone with a bigger ram and a faster processor. A lot of tabs and too much streaming can usually slow your Internet speed.

Upgrade Your Internet Package

Are you sure you have an best internet plan that matches your needs? Maybe the reason you are facing slow Internet is that you aren’t paying for as many bandwidths as you need. You may need a 25Mbps connection and you only have a 5 Mbps one. You can easily pick your favourable internet service plan either its satellite internet, fiber optic internet service or any other at any of the nearest ISPs (Internet Service Provider). Keep in mind that you pick a plan that offers 25Mbps then you’d get less speed than that. So you might want to choose a better plan than that.

Change Your Router or Modem

Outdated technology can be one of the biggest reasons for the slow Internet. If you are using a router, that’s ancient, then it’s very much possible that the router is made to handle internet speed up to 100Mbps and you are using a connection of 200Mbps. It’s quite obvious that the router won’t work as optimally as it should.

  • No Connection

This situation isn’t as common as the above one, but it still happens now and then. If the connection goes out during an important work or something, then it can be really really frustrating. Before calling the technician and complaining about the bad services, here are few things that you can try.

Make Sure Your Device Isn’t The Reason 

Check first to see if the issue is because of the horrible internet services or because of the device you are using. The best way to test this is to grab a new device, and if the Internet works fine, then you have the answer. If you can’t connect the internet in that other device as well then you know who you have to call to get your internet back. If it is your device then:

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on and the device isn’t on Airplane Mode.
  2. Restart the device (that usually works)
  3. Make sure you have entered the right password to your Wi-Fi. Also, check for any additional security settings you might have set up.

If none of the options work, then the issue could be major. There could be a problem with your Wi-Fi receiver that will have to be replaced. There could be a virus or a bug stopping the device from being reconnected.

Reset Your Router or Modem 

Your Internet problem can be related to your router or modem. Old piece of technology tends to test our patience now and then. Plug a device into the router through a cord. If the Internet doesn’t work then try resetting it. That might do the trick.

  • Security Violations

The third most common reason for a slow Internet or no Internet at all is a security breach. If you have even a bit of an idea about hacking, then you must be aware of the fact that whenever an internet connection gets hacked, your bandwidth takes huge damage. You may feel sudden drops in internet speed and quality or constant low speeds at times. Even if someone has violated your device even then your internet speed will deteriorate.

It is highly unlikely that a hacker would sit near your house trying to break into your Wi-Fi for fun. They might be after your personal information or any sensitive data you might have. Security breaches also take place in your mobile phones, Desktop or your laptops. Most of these hacks occur by clicking on a pop-up ad or some unsecured web page. Here’s how you can take care of the issue.

Scan Your Device for Virus or Malware 

If you are using an antivirus software, then kudos to you! Do yourself a favour and start a scan for your whole computer. If you don’t have an anti-virus software, then there are free online tools available where you can do a basic search for malware. Once you find anything that’s been hogging your internet, delete and see if the internet speed improves. If it hasn’t, try this solution:

Reset Your Computer 

Sometimes a virus simply refuses to get out of your system. Just store all your data in an external device and reset your device completely. All the Malware or virus that have been coded into your computer will be flushed out. If there is no sensitive data present in your device, then there’s a more effective way to rid yourself of viruses. Delete every file you have in your device and then reset the device. Works like a charm if you ask me!

Change Your Password 

If you have found no suspicious files on your device, then the best thing to do is to change your passwords. There’s a high chance that someone has hacked into your Wi-Fi and stealing your internet speed. The solution won’t work by just changing your Wi-Fi password but you must change the security key of your router too.

Seamless Internet All the Way.

If you keep all these things in mind whenever your Wi-Fi leaves you, you can easily identify and solve the problem with no hassle! However, if the problem still prevails, then you would want to call your ISP as the problem could be severe. Happy Browsing everyone!

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