June 18, 2024

Why Do I Procrastinate So Much As A Writer

Do you worry about why you procrastinate a lot? If you do, then it is good to know why you procrastinate so much. Yes, you should, procrastination can be a great barrier to your success as a writer.

It can make you a day dreamer that never get anything done. That’s why it is good to ask yourself this question.

Why do I procrastinate so much as a writer?

Yes, you need to know why. Because if you don’t know why you procrastinate as a writer. You will not know how to eliminate procrastination out of your writing life.

In this article I will explain to you the possible reasons why you procrastinate too much about your writing.

Here are the possible causes why you might procrastinate as a writer.

  1. You are afraid of failure

When you fear to fail. You are not qualify to win as a writer. Therefore one of the things that makes you procrastinate a lot as a blogger is the fear to fail. Whether you keep on trying to avoid it for ages.

It will still come. You have to know that failure is part of the track way to success. There are so many things you can discover as a bloggers through your personal experience with failed attempts.

That you will never discover through what you learn from people who have already made it through the steps they show you. Whether you like it or not a secret is a secret. Everyone must pay the price to get it.

In that case, what is your price. Your price to get better as a writer is to attempt and fail. Learn and avoid those mistakes next time.

So if you really want to stop procrastinating as a writer. You must learn to stop jerking over the idea of failing. It won’t help you, it will only make you fail more easily than you expect.

Moreover there are so many things about blogging that are said to be wrong. That might work out fine for your blog in your specific situation. If you add a little bit of thoughtful twist. So if you keep on listening and following the advice of pro bloggers back to back.

You might end up never becoming a better writer than them. Why would this happen? If you are not ready to pay the price for your error. You will remain a learner forever. With no personal blogging secrets to make you an exceptional blogger in the crowd. The reason is that, you view success in the wrong direction.

  1. You see success as a product of perfect actions

Stop deceiving yourself about what you think makes a writer successful. Becoming a successful writer isn’t by being totally perfect in what you do. It is about fixing your wrong. Crafting out wonderful writings out of weak and well modified ideas of yours.

You don’t need to be perfect to succeed as a blogger. All you need is to keep amending your wrong and also learn how to keep things right always.

If you have being nurturing this very bad notion about a good blogger. That your must be a perfect writer. Before you can write something creative and educative to help your audiences learn better. You are absolutely wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

Here in the blogosphere nothing is ever 100% perfect. Blogging is a dynamic art of writing. You need to update your ideas to keep your audiences updated with the current trends.

Stop procrastinating about writing a blog post. Even though you don’t have a perfect idea to write that very article you want to write. Just put together the very best you can write now. You can always make changes later.

  1. You value others opinion more than yours

If you are a type of writer that cares too much about what people around you will say about your writing. Then procrastinating as a writer will be more common with you. Because fear induce your writing potentials to nothing. The more you worry about what people will say about your writing. The more you will feel likely not to write anything.

The truth is, if you don’t write something. Then, how do you know if your ideas are great? You need to put forward what you have to your blog audiences. Don’t drag your writings too hard on yourself.

It doesn’t help, that can make your great ideas remain unknown to your prospective audiences.

If you want to crackdown on procrastinating as a writer. You must know why your opinion matters. As a blogger, your opinion is the strength of your writing. It is what makes you a unique writer. Without it, your audience can’t distinguish you from other writers.

Your audience wants to know how best you think there problems should be solve. They want to learn those wonderful ideas from you. All your blog readers wants to learn something great not a widely emphasized ideas with no difference in explanation.

One of the reasons why you procrastinate so much as a writer is because you don’t value your opinion. If you don’t value your opinion as a blogger. Then there is no way your audiences will be able to rate your worth to them. Because there is a high possibility that they won’t even get your opinion about there problem.

  1. You predict everything to come so easily

Yes, this is very common with writers who love to procrastinate a lot. They feel they can get everything done within a twinkle of an eye. Until they start working at a late moment and it dawn on them.

That they are some how wrong. If you want to succeed in anything in life whether as a blogger. Including writing good contents for your blog audiences.

You must prepare ahead of time. Take actions and give yourself some time to correct your wrong and forge ahead for success. So if you are such a writer that feels everything will just fall into your palms with little work. I suggest it is high time you change that attitude. If you really want to succeed and also to eliminate procrastinate out of your life.

  1. You prefer comfort to self denial for a reason

Yes, writers that tend to procrastinate a lot. Love to do everything at there comfort time. They fail to know that nothing good comes without a challenge.

So If you want to get better with your writing. Denying yourself some comfort might be the best option for you. If you want to succeed in blogging. But it is so unfortunate that most writers that procrastinate a lot love to stay comfortable in anything they are doing.

So much that they prefer to lazy around doing nothing rather than complain about things they know they can’t change by complaining. That is not a good blogging habits. It won’t help you. If you want to eliminate procrastination out of your writing life.

You must learn to deny yourself some comfort in other to do the needful. If you don’t, you will likely end up been an addicted procrastinator as a blog writer.

  1. You don’t value your ideas

One of the signs that you are a procrastinator is that. You will hardly find anything good about your ideas. You feel so inferior. In such a way that you even don’t believe in what you can offer. You don’t believe your ideas matters to anyone.

Continuously practicing this bad writing habits will end you up as a procrastinator. You will continuously procrastinate about starting up anything at all. Which only makes you a comfortable failed version of yourself. If you don’t want anyone to laugh at you. You will hardly find the courage to start something in the first place.

And if you don’t start something you will never know how good you are at doing that very thing. So if you want to stop procrastinating. Stop looking down on yourself and your personal ideas. It could be the best ideas people are hoping to embrace.

You never can tell how wonderful it is until you get it notice by your audience. Then, you will be surprise on the wonderful feed back they will give you.

  1. You Seek Perfection Out of No Actions

You can’t be perfect when you don’t attempt. Most procrastinating writers do this often times. They seek perfection out of no action. They keep condemning there best ideas even before they ever set out to start taking actions.

This only makes them procrastinate the more. If you want to become a successful writer you must learn to take actions first before you evaluate the outcome of your ideas. Don’t just draw to conclusion that an idea of yours won’t work. When you have not tested it yourself.

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