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How to Get Faster Attestation of Commercial Documents

As rapid growth of Business in India, requirement of Commercial document attestation has emerged. If you want to expand your business or export products to any foreign country, you need attestation of commercial documents. The attestation is done from Authority of India or the commerce chamber first.

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The process of commercial documents attestation is lengthy process for corporates. It is always advisable to hire experts for this purpose. Genuine Attestation Services is one of the service providers in India providing Certificate attestation. Business owners get relief from this complex process after hiring attestation service providers because they complete the task in minor.

Genuine attestation service is one stop solution for all your attestation and apostille service in India.

Owner of business must aware of categories of commercial documents before applying of attestation of these documents. Chambers of Commerce attestation is responsible to attest the documents if you are opening a new branch of operation in other country or expanding your business. This process includes various documents such as-

  • Invoice of Export
  • Power of Attorney
  • Origin Certificate
  • List of packaging
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Physical analysis report and Chemical analysis report and

After attested from chamber of commerce, then they get attested by Ministry of External Affairs. After this, documents move on to embassy of the respective country in India.

Things to Consider When Choosing Genuine Attestation Provider

The process of legalization varies country wise. According to international law Attestation is the process of validating document so a legal system of country can recognize.

Attestation process is no doubt very time taking process but attestation agency makes this job easy for corporation and take this long process in their hands.

As government, process takes time so agencies find it opportunity to earn money and take advantage of this situation. It is required to select right certificate attestation service provider that is cost effective.

Secondly, commercial documents are very confidential. It should not be copied or distributed when it comes to revealing it to attestation agents. Therefore, there should be a disclosure agreement between both parties. In case of reliable service provider there is no need to do make agreement repeatedly.

Genuine Attestation Services is the best service provider of attestation services of commercial documents. We provide hassle-free, on time delivery, affordable price. Our hard working and smart team of professionals are experienced in process of all kind of attestation and apostilles. For details or queries you can contact [email protected] or can call us on +91-8130050296.

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