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How to Have Fun with The Ludo App?

Ludo App

The game of Ludo is one of the most entertaining board games of all time and is one of the highest played games in the childhood of almost every kid in India. And hence, every time that a person plays Ludo nowadays, he/she is bound to have fun. With the rise in popularity of technology and its usage, many games have been adapted to be played in the palm of the hands of the people. And hence, smartphone gaming became a thing with several childhood games being adapted to this version. Ludo also was one of those games, as companies banked on the popularity of the board game.

Hence, people started downloading the ludo app and installing them on their smartphones. There have emerged several ways to have fun with the ludo app on your smartphone. Here are some of them.

Play and Chat With Friends in a Private Chat Room

One of the best features available for users is the ability to make a private room and play with friends and family. You cannot just play but chat via text, and via voice (in some apps) with the people in your private chat room. Every person entering the room will need prior permission from the owner of the chat room to enter. This guarantees that the players you play against are familiar and you can play for fun.

A Variety of Choices Increases the Fun

Users have a variety of choices while playing on the ludo apk. They can play against friends, family, strangers, or artificial intelligence from all across the world. Something which isn’t possible while playing Ludo on a physical board.

The Bond Between Families Gets Stronger

Traditionally, in India, two close families often only meet during special occasions such as weddings or festivals. Apart from then, the chance of them meeting is next to none. With the availability of ludo games online, it has become a lot easier for these two families to stay in touch with each other and have fun at the same time. Other than two families, members of a single-family also find it easier to stay connected with each other via the medium of Ludo. If one family member is in one part of the world, it is now quite easy for him/her to stay in touch with the rest of the family members while playing Ludo.

Making a Few Quick Bucks Adds to the Fun

Recently, in Ludo apps, the option to earn money while playing your favorite game has opened up a whole new zone. With skills and even a limited amount of time, you can earn a good enough amount of money while playing online ludo. Several competitions are set up which ensure that you not only win but also have a blast while playing Ludo. Several apps have been introduced through which you can earn quick bucks while playing with random people or with your friends and family in private rooms.

For you to start your journey towards being a seasoned player, it is very important to know the basics of the game. Usually, the game is played between two to four players who are sitting beside one another. Every player is given four tokens of the same color which are placed in the home square. The players then roll the dice with an aim to move their tokens across the board straight to the finish line. Ludo can be played with 2 to 4 players with each player getting their designated color of the token (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue).

Nowadays, along with the Ludo app, people can also play the Pachisi version of Ludo. In Pachisi, the player will already have two of their four tokens released from the starting box, the players will not have to roll six for these two tokens to be operational on the board. However, the other two tokens do need the roll of six on dice to come into play. In Pachisi, the players will have to eliminate their opponent in order to enter the final home, winning condition here is two at least have two of the tokens in the home after eliminating their opponent.

When online Ludo is compared to the traditional medium of Ludo, it comes to the conclusion that online Ludo is a massive update over the traditional one, simply because of the variations that are on offer in the apps. Players can not only play their favorite ludo game but also complete several achievements and compete in big tournaments online.

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