June 17, 2024
Taxi Booking mobile app development common mistakes

Key Features in Taxi Booking App Development

It is a known fact that people living in big cities are facing several threats while travelling from one place to another. Well the major two: exhausting in traffic and getting suffered in parking their vehicles. To fix this issue, in 2009 Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp came with a resolution in the name of UBER. Well the Uber is nothing but taxi booking app through which people can hire taxi for their travel.

Moreover, this makes them to be free rather than concerned about their car repair and other issues like maintaining. All these facts makes the people to turn towards uber. As a result of this, Uber registered their trademark as a successful billion dollar earned startup. Uber’s mighty success impressed several enterprises like ola, Lyft and much more to get into taxi booking app development.

Expansion of Taxi Booking App Development:

In the past few years, the explosion of taxi booking apps are unimaginable. This is because of the arrival of several new apps which are constantly entering the market. Here is the info that shows the consecutive growth from past to the predictive growth for upcoming years.

Millions of apps are being introduced daily, but only few of them got succeed in their attempt and sustains in the people’s mind. So it an essential one build a sophisticated and brilliant app for your business. In that case, it is best to develop an app like Uber.

Key Features to remember while building a taxi booking app:

Here are some substantial factors listed which should be kept in mind while building a taxi booking app

Geo-Location features:

One of the most important feature in taxi booking app is GPS technology. This is because, once after the driver accepts the ride, driver will get the rider’s location through this GPS. Moreover, every drivers won’t have that much knowledge in routes and so this Global Positioning System assets the driver’s to reach the destination.

Uses of Global Positioning System

1. Tracks the location of the customers

2. Navigates the shortest and fastest route

3. Shows the nearest cab to the users

Multiple Payment Options:

The Rider should be offered with various payment options on your application. This makes the payment process simple and easy for the riders. In these days, most of the people does’nt have hand in cash. To facilitate them, multiple payment options like wallets, netbanking, debit/credit and various online payment options should integrated.

Review Page:

By adding the review page, you can get the feedback of both the driver and driver. Moreover, this page will make the customers to realize how valuable their feedback to you. Also it helps to enhance your business and furnish it a improved solution.


This option will helps the app owner to convey the offers, new updates and several options to the users. In addition, notifications are the one of the finest way to connect with the users.

Evolution of On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development:

When it comes to development process, it is essential to create two diverse applications for the taxi booking. Well, one for the passengers and other for the drivers. Those two applications will be linked with the admin portal.

On-demand Taxi Booking App for Passengers:

Here are some features listed which will be avail in the passenger application.


By providing the personal details like phone number and email, users can register in the app.


Once after the registration, user’s can login with their credentials and the OTP provided to them.

Booking Interface:

Using this screen, users can book their ride by giving their travel details.

History of Rides:

This option will provide the details of the user’s previous ride

Push Notification:

With this feature, users can grab their previous ride informations like vehicle number, model. In addition this option providesthe name of the driver and his contact number.

Fare Calculator:

This feature estimates the cost of the ride proceeding while booking the cab for their travel

On-demand Taxi Booking App for Drivers:

Driver applications are similar to the passenger app with the features like login, push notification. But in addition, several unique features will be available in the driver app. Some of them are listed below

Ride Request:

This ride request notifies the driver about the new booking and also enables them to accept or reject it.


This feature navigates the drivers in the finest route to reach quickly. With this option, drivers can get and shortest route for the destination


By utilizing this option, driver can update the status of the ride once after the pickup and after dropping in the destination.

If you are looking to build a taxi booking app, then you need to invest the insights, resources and experience from the field of taxi booking development. Make use of latest technologies and furnish your users what they want. Well to provide, it is essential to build an excellent and sophisticated application. To build such application, you must move forward with the best and experienced mobile app development company. In that case, No one is better than MacAndro when it comes to taxi booking app development. Being an expert in mobile app development, MacAndro offers feature rich and high performing taxi apps according to the client’s requirements

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