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Reasons Why You Should Include Dehydrated Kiwi in Your Diet

Dehydrated kiwi is one of the natural digestive aids thatare completely packed with fiber, potassium and enzymes in order to keep the electrolytes in check. Dried kiwi is a powerhouse of protective antioxidants as well as immunity boosting vitamins. You can enjoy this as a healthy snack by dipping them in chocolate for a real treat.

The vibrant green slices is specked with little black seeds that has always worked as wonders in sprucing up the desserts as well as fruit bowls. The refreshing taste of kiwi makes it a favoured choice among all the fruits. Therefore, it is the national fruit of New Zealand.

Including dried kiwi in your diet, helps in improving your health in many ways. It has sweet and tarty taste. Everyone say that apple is a miracle fruit but kiwi too is loaded with important vitamins and minerals which gives a nutritional boost to your body. You can easily but dehydrated kiwi from Delixious who is a known dehydrated kiwi manufacturer.

Here are some reasons why you should include dehydrated kiwi in your diet:

Excellent Source Of Vitamin C

If you think that only oranges and lemons have the highest source of vitamin C, then you need to think again. Per 100 grams of kiwi contain 154% of vitamin C, twice of lemons and oranges. The presence of vitamin C in kiwi act asapowerful antioxidants, helping to eliminate free radicals that can result in inflammation or cancer.

Sleep Inducer

Do you have trouble in sleeping? According to a research it was revealed that kiwi contains useful compounds like antioxidants & serotonin which is highly beneficial in treating sleep disorders. Having kiwi one hour before the bedtime can often help in inducing sleep.

Good Source Of Dietary Fiber

This exotic fruit is known to be loaded with dietary fiber which helps you getting rid of countless diseases. Increasing the consumption of fibre-rich food often helps to lower the risk of both cardiovascular disease as well as coronary heart disease. The high fiber food helps to keep one full for longer and also control the metabolic markers such as cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Therefore, it also helps in weight loss and is good diabetic patient.

Low Glycemic Index

Kiwi is known to have low glycemic index which assist in better management of blood sugar levels. Due to low glycemic index, it is one of the healthy options for people with conditions like Type I and II Diabetes.

Outstanding Source Of Folate

Dried kiwi is an excellent addition to the prescribed folic acid supplements, for women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant. It is also great for growing children.

Assists In Digestion

Kiwi fruit is known to contain an enzyme which is well known for its protein dissolving properties. It helps in digestion of proteins in the body which assist patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Therefore, if you are looking for dehydrated fruits manufacturers for buying best dehydrated kiwi then Delixious is perfect.

Delixious brings you the fresh range of dehydrated fruits and vegetables manufactured using excellent quality raw materials.

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