June 17, 2024
Pickle Jar

The ‘Chatpata’ Magic Inside the Pickle Jar

Be it the children or the adults, resisting a jar full ofspicy picklesis not at all possible for one. Especially if you love to savour spicy food items, we are sure that pickles are something which you will surely love to add to your plate. We still cherish those childhood moments when the whole house used to get filled with the aroma of pickle spices.

Our mother, aunts, and granny used to prepare a variety of pickles in every season. And no matter how many times we used to taste it during a day, we always wanted to get more of it. It was because of the ‘Chatpata’ flavour of the pickle, which made us lick our fingers dipped in the pickle jar again and again.

Even today, when we taste that homemade pickle made by our mother or aunts, it still tastes the same. That tangy and spicy flavour of pickles always makes us eat some more of it. Long back, we were told not to eat too many pickles as it is not suitable for our health. But with time, we got to know that it was only to stop us from overeating pickles.

Pickles do have numerous benefits also apart from the spicy taste. That is why Indian mothers still pack the lunchboxes of their kids with yummy pickles. If you are not able to prepare pickles at your home, do not worry. Now you canbuy pickles in Delhi, as homemade pickles are available in different shops in Delhi. These pickles are being prepared without adding any chemical preservatives, as they are entirely homemade.

Know About The ‘Chatpata’ Magic Of Pickles

Now, let’s get to know what makes the ‘Chatpata’ magic jar of the pickle special for all of us.

  • Relish it with any dish

Be it your usual dal-rice or the aloo ka paratha; you can have pickle with any of these food items. In India, there are many households where the food thali is said to be incomplete if pickle is missing. Be it a 10-year-old or a 70-year-old; everyone wants to enjoy the tanginess of pickles. One may not like chutney with every kind of food, but saying no to a pickle seems difficult. When we say that you can enjoyspicy pickleswith any food, we not only meant Indian food. Instead, you can enjoy it with food from outside India also. Like many people eat pickles with Japanese Sushi. Even some restaurants serve pickles with Sushi.

  • The perfect companion for pregnancy cravings

When a woman undergoes pregnancy, many changes come in here, especially the taste. Usually, pregnant women crave tangy and sour food. When talking about tanginess and sour food, there is nothing better than homemade pickles. It is funny, but we saw women gorging on pickles during their pregnancy like they won’t get the pickle again. As there are numerous tangy pickles available in the market, so you can stock them up for all your pregnancy months. You can easilybuy pickles in Delhi, and you will find all sorts of tangy pickles there. Like lemon pickle, tamarind pickle, mango pickle, cucumber pickle, and many more.

  • Turn your boring food fun.

The chatpatapan of pickles can make your boring and mundane food also fun to eat. When you have to make your kids eat nutritious food, they trouble you in eating that. The best thing you can do is to add some spicy pickles to the food. Most of the children prefer to munch on spicy food rather than eating green vegetables or nutritious dal. But when you serve them these vegetables and dal with pickles, they won’t deny eating it. If you don’t believe us, try it once by yourself. We are pretty sure that your kids will not find the food boring anymore.

Not only in India, but the demand for pickles has started coming from foreign countries also. This means the ‘Chatapata’ magic of the pickle jar is spreading worldwide from India. These pickles are not only spicy and tangy in flavour, but they are quite nutritious also. These pickles come with some health benefits, too, which makes them perfect for eating. So get your jar of ‘Chatapata’ pickle today only from the shops of Delhi.

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