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When and Why You Need to Visit Your Physiotherapist – A Brief Guide


The human body is pretty much a perfect machine of sorts. We’ve all the right parts, connected via appropriate strings and all working in perfect unison that gives birth to what we call – life. Like any good engine, even loosening a single nut or tearing up a forgotten connecting wire in some distant corner of your body might wreak havoc beyond your wildest dreams.

So that’s why you have to take good care of this wonderful assembly that your body is. Diseases are inevitable. Fitness regimes, good food, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise can give you a long life, but not necessarily a scratch-proof life. You can say that a conscious fit man would suffer less from ailments than his neighbors who spend their evenings on the couch watching Netflix and order takeaway every other day like it’s their staple. But anyway, he’s bound to fall ill from minor symptoms, at least like fever, flu, diarrhea, etc. And for these, you will need to visit doctors. That’s what we know already. But then the doctor examines you and, along with many medicines, advises you to consider taking physiotherapy; then the million-dollar question arises, why would you consider visiting a physiotherapist? Who and what are these people? When one goes to consult a physiotherapist?

Hold your horses, dear friend. This is what we thought of discussing today here. Just keep reading till the end, okay? You’ll have your queries resolved.

Who are the Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are healthcare workers who specialize in movements and abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, aka muscle, joint, and bony skeleton, including the skull. Sounds Greek? Simply put, you visit a doctor when you’re down with an infection or disease affecting any organ. And you visit a physiotherapist to regain your ability to walk, run and perform all movements smoothly, especially after any fracture, major surgery, a disease that caused a months-long bedridden condition, trauma, etc. He’s the guy who performs massages and maneuvers to help you fight nasty pains and move your limbs as they are supposed to.

When do you need to visit a physiotherapist?

In the following conditions, you might consider booking an appointment in the physio Burwood clinic:

Neck pain

Neck pain is a side effect of modernization, as you can say. A sedentary lifestyle, sitting in a fixed position for long hours ( like looking up or straight at a computer screen), and no exercise have made neck pain a worldwide public health problem. Many of the patients develop serious symptoms like spondylosis etc. You need a good dose of massage, cervical physiotherapy, and exercises to recover.

Ankle sprain

Painkillers and sprays can help you have instant relief, but it doesn’t work well in the long run. Sprains are due to abnormal stretching of muscles and ligaments beyond their capabilities, leading to inflammation and tearing of these structures. For these, again, physiotherapy paired with moderate weight training works like wonder.

Back pain

Back pain means any pain that involves from the shoulder down on the backside extending up to the waist and hips etc. Pain in the back is very common due to increased prolonged sitting behavior and insufficient physical labor. Vertebral abnormalities like kyphosis and fractures can cause this as well. Whatever the reason, physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, acupressure, etc., have been proven extremely useful for recovery.

Hip fractures

Hip fractures can happen commonly in children and older individuals who lack the stability of joints. This makes a person completely immobile. Continuous bed rest paired with physiotherapy will only help to heal fast. Even Physiotherapy is helpful in case of limb fractures like – shoulder, elbow, shin bone fracture, etc., which lead to a significant extent of painful movement.

Foot drop & others

The foot is an ignored organ of your body that you must take care of daily. Nerve damage to the foot can cause foot drop. Other conditions include trauma, fractures, loss of normal arch-like curvature, tendon tear, etc. All of these will make standing and walking impossible.

Loss of sensation

Grievous muscle and nerve hurt often lead to serious injuries that cause loss of sensation over a body part or limb. This is a serious condition, and ignoring it might lead to permanent loss of sensation. Immediate physiotherapy with proper nutrition can only help in regaining the perceptions.

How to choose which physiotherapist to visit?

Now you know why to visit; the next question is “who” to visit? Certainly, your hometown or the nearby city would have hundreds of practicing physiotherapists to choose from. Regarding health, you always deserve the best of the lot. And for that, we would suggest first you read online reviews, ask around friends and family, and try booking demo sessions to know who is the best physiotherapist in Mansarovar Jaipur.

Hope this helps. Don’t ignore that pain or sprain.

Seek help. Feel good. Enjoy life unhindered.

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