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You Need to Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!


These days due to a number of health issues, Indians have started opting for healthy alternatives. That’s why the industry of organic food has taken a steep rise. Apart from all other such food items, coconut oil is the one that has enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity. Coconut oil comes with nourishing qualities. That’s why it is used both for cooking, health, and skincare products, due to which it has become a key component of almost every shopping basket.

Well, everyone knows about coconut oil; in my opinion, most people don’t know what cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is. The reason is there are significant differences between the two which is essential to understand when you are going to select the best coconut oil for the work.

So, let’s understand everything about cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

What is cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil?

This oil, called cold-pressed extra virgin oil, is derived from regular coconut oil. But the main difference that makes them varied is the method of extraction. That means the regular coconut oil is made from the dried kernel of the coconut, also called copra. This copra is pressed, and then the oil is extracted from it, refined, and finally bleached. After that, it is deodorized to make it ready for use.

If you talk about cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, it is made with fresh coconut milk. However, it does not undergo any refining process to make it the best, unlike regular oil.

Process of making cold-pressed coconut oil

The process of making cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is done by removing the flesh from mature coconuts as they have higher oil content. After that, at low temperature that coconut flesh is then extracted with the help of a press. This whole process is quite lengthy because the price of this oil is high compared to regular coconut oil. But the best part of this process is it is an effective way to retain all nutritional qualities.

Moreover, it does not go via the refining process. It is very distinctive and delicious, and the smell of this oil remains intact. However, there are various other ways also by which unrefined coconut oil is extracted, but this process is one of the best for the effective result.


How is cold-pressed oil different from all other regular oils?

Cold pressing is one of the effective techniques or you can say the process of extracting oil in various steps like pressing, grinding, the fruit, nut, or seed. This type of oil is one of the best choices over refined oil in all aspects. Refined oils like cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil are extracted on low heat without any bleaching or deodorizing. The most crucial part is that they don’t contain harmful solvent residues.

Apart from that, they do not contain any added chemicals or preservatives. They only contain healthy natural antioxidants like phosphatides, natural flavor, odor, and tocopherols that are Vitamin E.

Health benefits of cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil

There are a lot of good things about cold-pressed oil that always win the day. That means when most of the oil is heated, it changes the structure on a molecular level. However, eating has several negative health impacts like poor blood flow, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Moreover, heated oil is also linked to various other health issues like acne.

Thus, if you talk about cold-pressed coconut oil, all the essential nutrients remain intact after heating as well. That means the molecular structure is not compromised, therefore, has become one of the go-to products for health-conscious people. Additionally, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil has a great nutty flavour, because of which many people replace it with butter.

Home method of making cold-pressed coconut oil

Indeed, most people don’t have industrial-level coconut cracking machines in their homes, but there are many ways by which you can make coconut oil at home. Unlike every individual, every coconut is different in shape and size, and thus the quantity of water inside also varies. However, you all know that coconut water is a very famous drink among people.

So, to extract the coconut water, first, pierce or drill a few small holes in the coconut and pour out the water. However, you can drink the water in its natural state, or you can use it to make a super ingredient for smoothies or preparing Asian food.

Now the question arises how to make coconut oil from the mature coconut? So, to make an oil extract the fruit’s flesh and then grate it. After that, add a few drops of mineral water and place them into a fine net bag. Next, place that bag in a press and press out the coconut oil. Well, you have to repeat this method many times.

This method is one of the simple one and uncomplicated methods to extract coconut oil.

How does cold-pressed virgin coconut oil benefits hair?

You have been reading from the start how beneficial cold-pressed coconut oil is for health. Now, if you ask, regular coconut oil is used on hairs to make them nourished. But what about cold-pressed virgin coconut oil? Can we use it for hair?

The answer to this question is yes. Let’s find out some of the benefits of using cold-pressed oil on hairs.

  • Cold-pressed coconut oil prevents hair breakage and also split ends
  • Helps in increasing hair volume
  • Protects the hairs from lice
  • Helps in reducing frizz in textured hair

The bottom line

Well, after reading this post on cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, you get an idea of how beneficial this oil is for the human body. Apart from that, it also makes the food tasty without extracting the real taste of ingredients. So, according to experts, buy this oil or make it at home to offer your health support.

I hope you liked this post on Cold pressed virgin coconut oil!

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