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5 Finger Licking Malvani Masala Recipes to Try

Malvani chicken

If you wonder why your recipes don’t taste like authentic Maharashtrian recipes, we have a secret to tell you. Certain Maharashtrian dishes are incomplete without the beloved Malvani masala. 

Just like north Indians have garam masala, Maharashtra has this heavenly mix of spices called the Malvani masala. A blend of peppery and spicy tastes, it is the crown jewel of Malvani cuisine in the Malvan region on the west coast. The flavourful aroma hits you as soon as you ground the spices yourself. Alternatively, you can easily order authentic Malvani masala online and try it out in the following recipes and dishes for that original Maharashtrian summer flavour!

Malvani Chicken Curry

Also called the Malvani Kombdi Rassa, the Malvani Chicken Curry is one of the all-time summer favourites in Maharashtra. Now, our Malvan folks love their chicken and non-vegetarian dishes in general. Not starting the list with one would be unfair. This beautiful and spicy dish can go with literally anything! You can have it with steamed rice or chapatis (Indian flatbread) and if you want to up your game, enjoy it with fried rice or Naan.

Kombdi Vade

Kombdi Vade is a non-vegetarian’s answer to puri sabzi. This healthy ragi and wheat-flour puris would keep you in the pink of health while delivering the finger-licking taste when served with chicken. So, if you love spicy food and want something healthy to binge on in summer, this is the perfect fit for you! 

Malvani Kaju Curry

Malvani Kaju curry is a vegetarian curry. This creamy, delicious Kaju curry would leave you wanting more. This is the perfect fit for any feast. The Malvani Masala is a mix of 16 spices, coarsely crushed to make every dish stand out! 

Malvani Misal

Malvani Misal is another simple and short recipe that anyone can make easily within 20 minutes. A refreshing take on the Misal Pav, Malvani Misal uses fennel seeds as a special ingredient and the Malvani masala powder. A quick snack for the summer, indeed!

Malvani fish Kalvan

Fish is somewhat of a staple in the coasts of India, and we bring you this scrumptious Duck fish delicacy from the Konkan belt of India. The Malvani fish Kalvan recipe is so simple yet so delicious you would certainly make it a staple in your diet. All you need to do is to cook it with authentic Malvani masala. 

These are our top five picks for making special Malvani masala dishes. As we have already stressed before, these delicacies are incomplete without that beautiful blend of 16 spices that have been ground to a coarse powder, resulting in the uniquely tasty Malvani masala. Ordering authentic Maharashtrian masalas like Malvani masala or Goda masala online is easy too! 


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