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Dishes That Goes Perfect with Achaar

Perfect dishes with Achaar

Check out these delicious dishes that goes well with pickles suggested by a brand that sells mango pickle masala online


Mathri with achar

This meal originates in India’s northern and western regions and is often neglected as a snack. Achaar is what elevates the entire flavor and works well with the strong gram flavor, making it an ideal addition to evening chai or tipsy night. Pakoras are another crowd-pleaser that pairs well with even the oddest of pickles.

Rice and ghee

As mundane as the combo may appear, it is the stuff of comfort food fantasies. The aroma of the ghee melting in and the pickle adding just the proper amount of spice and flavor is what makes us gulp up massive amounts, and before you realize it, you’re on to the next helping. When you don’t feel like making gravy, give this a try. You can buy mango pickle online too.


Upma with achar

A solution to our morning difficulties back in the day, a plate of Upma can be salvaged if combined with the appropriate pickle, despite not being a kid-favorite meal. You’re good to go with endless mouthfuls of carrots and peas after a courageous dip in the carrot pickle.


Sandwich with achar

As we move into more unconventional possibilities, the sandwich may appear to be more western than our customary accompaniments for the Indian pickle. A true foodie, on the other hand, knows that a well-made Bombay Sandwich with the perfect mash of potatoes, copious doses of onions and capsicum, and creamy paneer and cheese may be paired with the perfect achaar.


Dhokla with achar

The sweet tamarind chutney can be swapped with sweet achaar for a more intense bite, similar to our prior alternative. It adds a burst of flavor and saves you time when you don’t have the patience to create the chutney from scratch.


Idli with achar

Many people will be surprised by this combo, but everyone will enjoy it. Idli and achaar are a love story that must be experienced. With each taste, you realize how the flawless merging of soft, delicate idlis and tangy, sweet achaar is a combination you should’ve known a long time ago.


Khichdi with achar

Khichdi With achaar, the traditional sick-food receives a flavor boost. The concept of achaar with boiling dal, rice, and vegetables has progressed so far in recent years that it has given rise to “Achaari khichdi.” Even skeptics are unable to pinpoint a single flaw in this magical formula. It’s spicy, tangy, and full of healthful ingredients. For the ultimate Achaari khichdi, choose a mixed pickle.


Whether it’s the Rajasthani thali, Gujarati thali, or even the simple sadhya, achaars have infiltrated the Indian language, bringing flavor to all cuisines regardless of geography. The types of achaars differ, with a spicier version in the north, a sweet aam chutney for the Gujarati palate, and a sour lime version in the south. Pickles in thalis help to cleanse your mouth after each taste of the extensive dish.

Paratha Achaar

Paratha Achar

There’s an achaar for everything: aloo, gobhi, muli – you name it, and there’s an achaar for it! Paratha-achaar has stood the test of time as a combination that our parents used to pack in their tiffin that our siblings ate as a snack, and that is now the go-to workplace luncheon. This north Indian combo has found its way into southern homes as cities have become melting pots of ethnicities.

Curd Rice

Curd Rice with Achar

When it comes to flavor, simple and rustic come out on top. You can try for a taste tweak with garlic or go for a nostalgic approach with the tried and true mango pickle!

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